DisneyPrincessHalfNovice runner here. I ran my first 5K at Walt Disney World in October 2010, and my first half marathon last year at Disney’s Princess Half. And to be honest, I really don’t feel like I deserve the magnet a friend gave me for the back of my car which reads, “Runner Girl.” Yet, I’ll do just about anything for a trip to Disney Parks…so I’m running Disney’s Princess Half Marathon again this weekend.

This time, I’m sharing the experince with my 14-year-old daughter. She is the threshold age for running the event, and this has turned into her “coming of age” trip. We’re bringing along one of her best friends and her mother — who happens to be one of my favorite running partners, too.


DisneyPrincessHalf2011283Last year, I treated the weekend as a solo trip to Disney making the most of opportunities to spend time with my new TravelingMom.com friends as well as my Disney Moms Panelist friends, too. I was afforded the chance to meet my virtual running coach, Jeff Galloway, and basked in the sun without interruption after a race well run.


DisneyPrincessHalf2011282Yet, this journey as well as the race itself is all about mothers and daughters for me…and more specifically, my daughter. As the only girl with three brothers, Caroline already garners a lot of attention, but she rarely has my undivided attention. So, before she’s preferring friend travel to family travel, I want to remind her (and me) that we will always be the best of friends… especially when the boys aren’t around. I couldn’t think of a more poignant event than to share the accomplishment of a half marathon together…and how fitting that it’s at a quentissentially feminine race like the Princess Half at the most magical place on Earth!

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