DisneyEpcotfamiliesThis Traveling Grandmom is one of those Kids of all ages who loves going to Walt Disney World!  I experienced Disney during the Traveling Mom retreat a couple of weeks ago, and it was my first trip to Disney without children. The best part? It was all about me! If I didn’t feel like riding the Mad Tea Party, well, I didn’t have to. If I wanted to ride Epcot’s Soarin’ more than once, well, I could – and I did!

Yet even so, I kept thinking “I can’t wait to bring my grandchildren,” so while I enjoyed my Disney adventure, I mentally was planning a future vacation with my multigenerational family.

Traveling Grandmom’s tips for planning your multigenerational family vacation in Walt Disney World:

You can’t do it all!
Accept the fact that the magical world of Walt Disney is HUGE!  Well in advance, order a FREE Walt Disney World® Resort Vacation Planning DVD.  Make it a part of your family experience to plan together before your trip. Your FREE DVD will include:

  • A complete tour of the 4 Theme Parks, 2 Water Parks and over 20 Resort hotels at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida
  • A tour of the Disneyland® Resort in California
  • Affordable ways to play and stay during your Disney vacation
  • Plus much more, including pocket-sized planning guides, planning tips and information on special events

You can’t do it all. Really.

With so many things to do and see, how do you get the most out of your Disney family vacation and still enjoy yourself?  The short answer is – you can’t possibly see and do everything in Disney in one trip. You really do have to prioritize, divide and conquer.  Together, make a top 10 list.  Which parks, rides, things to see are high priority? Which are low?  Compare the lists and take a family vote!

Ask the Disney Experts for advice!

Walt Disney World® Moms Panel is a forum where online “Moms” answer your questions and offer advice about family vacations to Walt Disney World® Resort. The panel isn’t just moms – Dads and grandparents are also part of the panel, but these selected panelists each bring to the panel their special expertise on creating your Walt Disney Resort vacation.

Divide and conquer.

If your family is a wide range of ages, pick one park, such as Magic Kingdom. Let Grandma & Grandpa take the toddlers to the Magic Carpet of Aladdin ride. Mom and Dad take the teenagers directly to Space Mountain. Dragging along an unhappy toddler or a teen to a ride or park will make everyone incredibly miserable.

Stay at a Walt Disney Resort property.

Animal Kingdom Lodge, a lodging choice at Walt Disney World ResortsStaying at a Walt Disney Resort property simply makes planning your Walt Disney World vacation simpler. You’re already at Disney. You can use the park transportation — for free, and there’s a Disney Resort that will fit your budget. For example, my stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge included a view of the park and its animals from my room and the resort’s lobby. It was a 15 minute walk to Animal Kingdom park or a 5 minute free Disney shuttle ride. It’s worth the time.

You are on vacation.

Finally, remind yourself that you are on vacation. Repeat after me — YOU ARE ON VACATION. You don’t have to plan every single minute. Relax and enjoy yourself. Just because your multigenerational family is traveling together doesn’t mean you have to be together all the time! Schedule some “me” time for everyone. Take a minute to let your happy feet dance – because after all you are in Walt Disney World.

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