Every time I visit Walt Disney World (and I’ve visited a lot!), there are certain people who always catch my eye. There are families who mosey, families who hustle, grown women dressed like princesses, and PDA couples oblivious to anyone else. There are the pinners and the exhausted, the organized and the not. The next time you head to Disney, keep an eye out for these people. I guarantee you’ll see them there!

The Over Planner

Nine Types of People at Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

I’ll admit it: I fall into this category. For me, planning a Disney vacation down to the last second is part of the fun.

I have note cards with advanced dining reservations for each day and note cards for Fastpass+ selections, rope drop times, and parade and show times–and I generally have them in my hand in between rides and shows.

There are folks who tell me that it completely takes the fun out of a vacation, but I have to disagree. It actually makes it more fun for me.


My family, on the other hand might disagree.

The Pinned Man

Overpinner at Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Karyn Locke: Road Trip TravelingMom

This guy is always at the park. He’s sporting a lanyard jam-packed with 500 pins. It’s so overfull that he’s resorted to adding pins on his backpack, hat, and hip pack. Or he’s got several lanyards filled with pins that add 10 pounds onto his neck.

What I love about this guy is that he’s into pin trading. Go up and engage him, then offer to trade one of your pins for one of his. My daughter has pins from other parks all over the world, compliments of The Pinned Man’s fervor for them.

The PDA Couple

This one is so funny and so wrong at the same time.

You know who they are (maybe you even were them, once upon a time). They are that couple–the couple who can’t (or won’t) keep their hands (and lips) off of one another. Whether they’re waiting in line for a ride or strolling around the park, they simply have to stop, touch, kiss, repeat.

Maybe they are newlyweds. Or maybe they are newly in love. Regardless, they are oblivious to everything else, including the young kids who are staring and the parents who are glaring. But the couple doesn’t see it. They’re only looking into each other’s eyes–when they can tear their lips apart.

The One with the Guidebook

Walt Disney World Guides

Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

This one can sometimes go hand in hand with The Over Planner. This is the mom or dad with a well-worn Disney park guidebook that’s been highlighted and dog-eared with important tips circled. It’s probably filled with character autographs. They love reading hints and tips to their kids at each stop and spend hours immersed in the book’s wealth of knowledge.

As long as they don’t stop to read in the very spot where you’re trying to walk, it’s fine. Besides, they can be helpful if you need some information. Chances are they’ve all but memorized the book. They likely know as much about the Disney Park as the Disney Cast Members. Maybe more.

The Character Lovers

 Walt Disney World character meet and greet.

Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

These people are all about the joy of Disney and the magic of meeting Disney characters in person.

They queue up way ahead of time to be the first ones in line to meet a character. They wait in line for hours.

Many times, they seem happier to meet each character than the young children waiting in line with their parents–particularly if those kids are in line because their parents want the photo, even if it means pushing a crying terrified kid into the arms of a giant Mickey Mouse.

No need to push the Character Lovers. They carry autograph book after autograph book filled with signatures and attend special events and hard ticket parties for the chance to meet the ever-elusive Disney characters that only show up on holidays.

I love these Disney types because they always have a smile and a story about their Meet and Greet experiences.

9 Types of People at DisneyThe Overtired Ones

This type could be a kid or it could be an adult, but their everywhere, and their numbers grow as the sun sets. You’ve undoubtedly seen these trudgers: they wince with each additional step they take. But they won’t give up. They simply must “get one more ride in” before they leave.

The kids are falling asleep standing up and the parents take micronaps the second they find an empty seat on a park bench. The Overtireds feel that one more ride will make their vacation that much better and they collapse the second their heads hit their resort room pillow at night.

The Ones Who Dress Up

Costumes at Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

Disneyite is easy to spot: She’s dressed up as a Disney princess, complete with colorful tutu and tiara. She skips and trots through the park.

She might be with a daughter in a matching (or complementary) princess dress, or she might be with a pack of girlfriends also adorned in princess gear and tiaras.

She’s not only filled with energy and happiness, but she always makes me smile. After all, we all should be a princess once in a while, right?

The Lost Ones

These ones have my deepest sympathy, for I was once a Lost One myself. They spend their time checking each park map and argue with their party members over the best and fastest way to go to get to their destination. A well-worn map and look of confusion is the tell tale sign of a Lost One.

They often ask other park visitors for directions, only to second guess those directions and refer back to the map. Caution: they also stop without warning in the middle of a crowded walkway and might cause you to alter your own path and/or spill your Dole Whip Float on yourself.

The Ones with the Matching T-Shirts

Yes, those were all Traveling Moms running around Disney in their matching t-shirts.

Yes, those were all Traveling Moms running around Disney in their matching t-shirts.

The easiest to spot of all the Disney park visitors, these are large groups of cheerleaders, band members, field trip kids, and family reunion folks all flanked with the same printed Disney-themed t-shirt.

With bold, fluorescent colors, the shirts (and the groups) are as far as the eye can see and their happiness is addictive. They sprint side by side and often make a wall of color that makes one feels like a salmon swimming upstream when one tries to break through the happy mass. How do I know for sure? Because we Traveling Moms do it every year during our annual writers’ retreat at Disney World!

What is your favorite Disney type? Share with us in the comment section below.