Cinderella-Castle-DisneyWhether it is a dream vacation or another item on someone’s bucket list, to visit Disney World seems to be a dream for everyone in the world. It doesn’t really matter how high it is on someone’s priority list, just saying the word Disney can bring out many emotions in people, such as: happiness, excitement, nostalgia and a even a bit of magic.

Disney has many parks, but the most popular one, for all ages, and the one that pops to everyone’s mind when talking about it is Magic Kingdom, Disney World.

Magic Kingdom is a huge park! The last time I visited it was over twenty years ago, and didn’t remember how immense it was. After visiting it again with my kids I came to the conclusion that it just can’t be explored in one day.


We didn’t know it would take us at least two days to explore the park, and we bought the four day passes for four parks. It wasn’t until we got there that we realized how badly we need to return to see it all. However we did the best of the time we had there.

Must Dos At Disney World

Not everyone has the time to come back the next day and explore the whole park, so here is a list of important things to do in Disney or check out that you can do in one day:

1. Cinderella Castle – This a given. You don’t even need to go inside (if you have the time definitely do it) just hanging around and seeing the different shows that you can catch during the day. A cool tip is to wait until the end, after the fireworks, the light show will blow your mind. For some reason people start leaving the park at around 7pm so you get front row for all of the night shows, which are the best!


2. Daytime Parades – In all of the areas of the park you will be able to find parades along the day. The one I recommend seeing is the last one.

3. Shows – The Cinderella castle isn’t the only place where the shows take place, but you will find most of them there. For me seeing one is enough, you can choose the one you prefer on a schedule they have.

The rest of the shows that take place all over the park are fun to catch if you are in the area.

4. Fireworks – I think this is one of those things that no one who visits the park can miss. Disney gives an amazing fireworks show. It’s like the 4th of July each night.


5. Light Show – As mentioned before, this starts right after the fireworks. The whole façade of the Cinderella castle is used as a screen. It is an amazing experience, Unbelievable!

6. The Electric Parade – Another of the signature things to see in Disney. It is the very last event of the day. The colorful floats have lights and lasers that you will never be able to forget.


7. Character greetings – What no Mickey? Of course! The characters of all of the classical and modern Disney movies can be found dispersed all over the park. So find out where your favorite ones are greeting.


8. Eating – There is no way for you to get hungry at the park. There are restaurants, fancy shin digs, or totally off the wall. They are all really tasty.


9. The Rides – Fast Pass – another no brainer. I bet no one comes here just for the shows, greetings and food! However not a lot of people seem to know about the fast passes, they are not available for all rides, but it is a great idea to get a fast pass for the most popular rides. Here is how they work:


  • Before getting it, look at the map and see if they are available for the rides you are interested in.
  • Choose your first ride.
  • Have someone from your group or family run with all the entrance tickets to the distribution area.
  • Once you get your first fast pass you will see how long you have to wait to get another one.
  • When they give you the pass, they will also point out the hour you can come on that ride.
  • Wait for that time as you enjoy other nearby attractions, when your time comes, skip the hoards and hoards of people.
  • This is the best thing Disney could have invented! And it’s Free.
  • Now go have a blast!

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