mandara-spa-disneyland3 days, 28 rides, 1 amazing “World of Color” premiere event, 15 new friends, 4 fabulous meals, and 6 blisters.  This is the condition in which I arrived at the doors to the Mandara Spa, just a few steps outside of Disneyland at the Grand California Hotel & Spa.One hour later I walked out of the Mandara’s doors refreshed, relaxed, and ready for more fun in the Park!  Talk about Disney magic, right?

Let me introduce you to my Disneyland Oasis…

Just past the beautiful pool area of the Grand Californian Resort I walked down a lovely breezeway and found the Mandara Spa entrance.  The bustle of family fun melted away behind me as I stepped through the doors and was enfolded in warm serenity.  I was greeted, escorted and had my feet up, sipping tea in a luxurious robe just minutes later.  I felt pampered before I even got to the massage room!mandara-spa-2

The wonderful PR team at Disneyland Resorts had arranged the signature Balinese massage for me, which the Mandara’s online brochure describes as “For those who have trouble relaxing, this is a must!”.  This particular treatment is especially rejuvinating because it combines accupressure and aromatherapy with traditional technnique, all set to gentle Balinese music.  Every sense is stimulated, enveloped and soothed.  I loved every second.

HOT TIP: While I’m sure all their massage therapists are excellent, both I and a fellow blogger-friend were lucky enough to have Phil as our masseur and he went above and beyond to make sure our experience was wonderful.  Ask for Phil, ladies – he’s firm, but gentle.     


I plan to make the Mandara a part of every family Disneyland trip from now on, to keep me refreshed and ready for as much fun as my kids can handle!  An afternoon at the Mandara Spa is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity for any Disney-lovin’ TravelingMom.