Looking at flowers might seem boring. But toss in butterflies, play areas, a scavenger hunt and a couple of fun rides, and the Epcot Flower and Garden Show at Walt Disney World becomes fun for everyone, even the kids. (Just don’t tell them that parts of it are educational!)

butterflyepcot (Custom)

Photo Credit: Kady Kellogg (KelloggShowKids)

As someone who can’t keep plants thriving to save my life, I was absolutely floored by the out-of-this-world brilliance that was on display this year at the Epcot Flower and Garden Show. I made it a point to really soak it all in, the sights, the smells and the amazing food. It all made for a delightful day with my family.

Now, at first glance, one might not think the Flower and Garden Show would hold much interest for the youngest kids, but I was pleasantly surprised (as I am when it comes to all things Disney) to find out that there is plenty to keep kids busy and entertained.

DestinationReviewMinnie’s Magnificent Butterfly Garden

My little girls are into everything beautiful and butterflies are no exception. They loved, and I mean loved, this butterfly garden! It was breathtaking, to say the least, as you get up close and friendly with hundreds of butterflies in a lush green and colorful garden!

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Photo Credit: Susie Kellogg/ Unstoppable TravelingMom

 Scavenger Hunt through Epcot Flower and Garden Show

This year Disney added a little friendly family competition in the form of a Pinterest and/or Twitter topiary hunt through the Epcot Flower and Garden Show.

My family is a over-the-top competitive, but we took this on as a joint effort. The kids used the map to help find their favorite characters. Then we all worked together to take some really imaginative photos and Tweeted them using the hashtag #FreshEpcot.

Super fun as everyone loves a little challenge, not to mention the educational value of using a map to find your destination. That’s something everyone in the family is genius at, except me.  Check out the hashtag to see all the creative photos that visitors took!

Fireworks at Epcot

The “Illuminations: Reflections of the Earth” fireworks/laser show was absolutely mind blowing!  Every other second, we either gasped or ooooh’ed or awww’ed. Like everything else at Disney World, expectations were exceeded.  Combining fireworks and music, lasers and lights, and even bursts of fire our kids were thoroughly entranced.  This is a definite don’t miss event!

mikeandsully (Custom)

Photo Credit: Susie Kellogg/Unstoppable TravelingMom

Mike and Sully’s Monstrous Garden

We travel with our 2-year-old boy who is a bundle of non-stop adorableness and energy.  I was psyched to find there was a really cute play area complete with slides and climbing and ample space to run (and run and run and run). This gave us a lovely spot to relax really quick and try to run him down ever so slightly so he’d sit in the stroller for a minute or two.

Splash Pads at Epcot Flower and Garden Show

Kids and water. It’s the all-time best combination to ensure a super fun time! And water in Orlando, FL is the only way to stay comfortable when you are from Colorado and NOT used to humidity combined with heat. Coby, 2, was wearing down faster than usual, but jumping and splashing in the two fun fountains gave him a reprieve from the oppressive heat and allowed him to recharge. Mommy and Daddy and 10 other Kellogg kids were not simply spectators … we played as well!

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Photo credit: Susie Kellogg/Unstoppable TravelingMom

Food at Epcot Flower Show’s Outdoor Kitchens

The amazing thing about children is that they need very little stimulation to be entertained. Food serves two purposes for our young kids:

1. It energizes them. It never ceases to amaze me how a quick snack and drink offers them enough fuel for several hours of play.

2. They love food so much it makes them happy and compliant…well, not compliant exactly…open-minded is more like it. And Epcot is renowned for its plethora of delicious food. A quick stop at of the Outdoor Kitchens will find your palate pleased and your kids happy!!! From Kale Salad at Urban Farm Eats to Smoothies and German brats, there is something for just about everyone.

Space Ship Earth

This is a small ride that takes you through the history of technology using your own personal touch pad. From the beginning of writing on walls to the newest high tech computers, the kids got a quick history lesson. It also predicts your future house based on your personal preferences. Another momma score!

DSCN2622 (Custom)

Photo Credit: Grady Kellogg (KelloggShowKids)

Test Track Ride

This Epcot ride lets you design your own car–the shape, color and customized wheels, bumpers, fenders and spoilers.

The different customizations you choose affect the efficiency, power, compatibility and responsiveness. This amounts to a homeschool mom’s dream.

Once your car is designed, you move on to the ride–in that car! The test track simulates a test drive of your car grading the above four attributes. At the very end you scan your card and it displays your car’s grade against the other people on the ride. Brody and Kady scored a 209 and the highest score of the day was a 228!  Not bad, eh? There is a height requirement of 40 inches.

How do you combine education and fun on your family travels? Tell us in the comment section below.