tmomdisneyluxOnly have a few days to spend in the happiest place on earth?  Hate waiting in lines?  Want to get a “behind the scenes” experience for your family at Disney World?  Hiring a private tour guide through the resort is your answer.

On a recent family vacation we decided to skip the lines and do the rides in style with a VIP Tour Guide.  Kristen, our fabulous guide for the day, picked us up at our hotel and whisked us backstage to begin our grand adventure.  We bought the package that allows the guide to take you to any fast pass line, as many times as your heart desires.  Yes, it’s true, never a line to wait in or a fast pass time to return, any fast pass ride, any time.  Additionally the guide has privileges for some of the non-fast pass rides such as Triceratops Spin at Animal Kingdom (my 5 year old’s favorite ride ever).

Kristen had the inside scoop on everything.  She taught the boys how to score the most points in the Toy Story Mania ride, told my daughter where to sit for the wildest ride on Expedition Everest and took us to a secret meeting place where I was photographed with my favorite Disney character ever, Tinkerbell.  We never wandered looking for bathrooms or food, she knew just where to direct us.  Though my youngest was tall enough for some rides, she knew the rides and my son well enough to advise us which ones he would enjoy and which might be a little to scary for him.  In justone day a group of 10 of us managed to go on every fast pass ride in 3 different parks.  That’s efficiency.  We still had time and energy left for dinner, the parade and the fireworks.

Before You Book a Disney Tour Guide

Thinking about booking one?  A few points to consider:

Are the kids in your family the right age?  Older children benefit the most from being fast tracked on every ride, there is no fast track for Dumbo.

How much time do you have? Though we went on every ride, there was no time for shopping or lingering.  If you are vacationing at DisneyWorld for a week the VIP guide might not be as important to you.  My husband appreciated the expediency and the lack of time for loading up on mouse ears.

Prices start at $175 per hour, with a six-hour minimum, and admission to the park is not included. Is it worth the money to you?  Our day was pricey, but worth every penny.  We did the little kid rides the next day and everyone felt like they had the best family vacation in just one short weekend at DisneyWorld.  

Make your whole trip a Luxury Disney Family Vacation?  

On this trip I was with my family and we were not compensated by Disney, I would happily pay for the amazing VIP service we received again, we felt it was more than worth it.  A few weeks after this trip I returned to Disney World as their guest as part of TravelingMom retreat.  I have been accused of drinking the Disney Kool-aid; it’s true, I heart the mouse.