Once you hit those Walt Disney World gates, you’re submerged in that Disney bubble, decorations and all! And, while the beauty each of the resorts is lovely, decorating your resort room for Halloween can make your family’s vacation space extra special. Here’s six easy (and inexpensive!) tips on how to decorate your Disney resort room for Halloween!

Head to the dollar store for easy, inexpensive Halloween decorations for your Disney resort doors and windows!

When it comes to decorating your Disney resort room for Halloween, there’s no reason it should cost a fortune! Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip Travelingmom

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Decorate Your Disney Resort Room for Halloween

With a family whose favorite holiday is Halloween, I can tell you spending it at Walt Disney World is absolute heaven. From the park decorations to the parties, we keep smiles on our faces from beginning to end. To amp up the holiday spirit, we like to decorate our resort room with cute, inexpensive additions. Here’s fun ideas to get you in the Halloween spirit and get you inspired to do the same. On our first visit to WDW during Halloween, I really wish I would have known ahead of time that visitors decorate their resort windows and doors, so I’m sharing my six best tips on how to decorate affordably.

1. Think Flat

If you’re flying into Orlando, suitcase space is at a premium, so think small and flat. We like to make Mickey pumpkins out of orange construction paper, cut them out,  and use a black marker to highlight details. If you’re really ambitious, get super creative by making colorful printouts and use glitter to make them sparkle! Disney resort window decorations can get pretty creative, so use your imagination and get the kiddos involved. And don’t forget to search Google for Mickey pumpkin heads for inspiration.

TravelingMom Tip: Remember to store decorations in a flat area of your suitcase, in between some heavy cardboard so they don’t wrinkle. Also, remember the clear tape ahead of time, too. You’ll be paying a premium for it at the WDW resort shops if you forget.

Look for flat cutouts that take little effort to pack and hang when decorating your Disney resort windows and doors.

Look for flat cutouts that take little effort to pack and hang. Photo credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

2. Hit the Dollar Stores

Our local Dollar Stores always have super inexpensive Disney trinkets – and that includes Halloween decorations. Look for Disney window clings and small figures that can be packed easily.  And don’t think all of the decorations have to be Disney, either. We love incorporating traditional decos right in with the Mickey ones.

Travelingmom Tip: Always work within your budget. The kiddos won’t know that your decorations came from the Dollar Stores. Bonus? You can pitch them in the recycling can or trash when you’re ready to leave!

3. Costuming Ideas

If you’ll be attending a Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party during your visit, hang your costumes in your resort room window! Not only do they give a cool, Halloween vibe, they’re instant decorations. The smaller, the better for this idea as your window space is at a premium.

TravelingMom tip: Halloween-themed t-shirts look cute in the window, too!

Decortaing your disney Resort room for Halloween can be fun and expensive! Here's six easy tips to get your room in Halloween spirit!

4. A-Door-Able Decorations

You know I couldn’t help myself, right?

When it comes to decorating your resort room door, think both inside and out. Guests have always been very kind to our decorations and I’ve never had an issue. Having written that, don’t assume that will always be the case. I’d never use expensive items to decorate my door exterior and find the simpler, the better. Invest in a few Command Strip hooks to hang ribbon or paper decorations from – they won’t damage Disney property, either. There’s plenty of ways to make your room door cute, too: paper wreaths and ornaments, and even customized welcome signs spruce it up. Again, your Disney resort room door decorations don’t have to cost a fortune to look cute.

For this door and window design, we bought a pack of 20 Halloween pumpkin Styrofoam cutouts. My daughter drew on the faces by checking the internet for ideas. We then used the leftover pumpkins to draw circles for the ears. Next, we cut them out, glued them to the back of each pumpkin head, and glued them to a long ribbon. All in all, it cost two dollars for the supplies (we already had the black marker and glue).

TravelingMom Tip: Check for the best pricing on Command hooks. Amazon generally has the best deals and, if you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you’ll score free shipping.

It's easy and affordable to decorate your Disney Resort Window and door for Halloween

It’s easy and affordable to decorate your Disney Resort Window and door for Halloween! Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip Travelingmom

5. Light ‘Em Up!

As soon as the Halloween decor hits the shelves, I begin looking for light strings to jazz up our resort room window. You won’t need a large string; around 50 lights will work fine. Keep an eye out for inexpensive strings that will work with your other decorations. I also purchase battery-powered candles that don’t cost a fortune. This goes without saying, but never use real candles in your resort room. You may or may not have an outlet close by, so think about taking a small extension cord, too.

TravelingMom Tip: Look for battery-powered lights and candles that have timers on them. Not only will you save power, they’ll turn off automatically in case you forget. Stock up on batteries ahead of time, too.

Don't forget to ask the front desk at your resort for help spreading Halloween pixie dust!

Don’t forget to ask the front desk at your resort for help spreading Halloween pixie dust!

6. Ask the Front Desk for Some Pixie Dust

When my daughter was smaller, I used to take small Halloween gifts to our Disney Resort and ration them. One day, I had the best thought and asked the front desk staff for help. I asked if they wouldn’t mind if I left a gift at the front desk and then call our room to let my daughter know that there was something there for her. They’re answer? Of course! I didn’t buy it on Disney property and they were so happy to help! They even added a couple of balloons to the package to make it extra-special.

Travelingmom tip: Don’t think twice about asking front desk cast members for help to make your Halloween stay extra-special. They love spreading pixie dust!

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