If you’re a massive Disney fan like I am, you’ll be shocked to hear that Walt Disney World is ending the run of a classic nighttime parade in Magic Kingdom. One of my favorite parades of all time, it’s filled with hundreds of thousands of lights, classic characters, and cool midi music. Know what parade I’m talking about? Main Street Electrical Parade, of course! Here’s the scoop on what’s happening to it, where it’s going next, and the last day to catch it in the park.

Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade. Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney World News

1972 was a great year for Disney- it was the year that Main Street Electrical Parade made its debut at Disneyland. With a 24-year run under its belt, the parade was such a nostalgic memory to Disney lovers that light bulbs used in the parade were certified and sold to collectors! But that wasn’t the end of the fun parade: it made a debut at Magic Kingdom in 2010 and has been a staple nighttime parade ever since.

Curious about that famous original song that plays throughout? It’s called “Baroque Hoedown”! Heavy on the synthesizers, the catchy tune will always be one of our favorites.

What’s Next for Main Street Electrical Parade?

Main Street Electrical Parade Captain Hook

Captain Hook in Main Street Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom. Photo Courtesy of WDW News.

According to the official Walt Disney World website, the last night to see the parade in Magic Kingdom will be October 9, 2016. Soon after, it will be packed up and sent BACK to Disneyland for a limited-time encore engagement. Of course, once it’s gone, there are plenty of additional Walt Disney World parades and shows to watch. 

So, now here comes the questions. I’m very curious as to what Walt Disney World will put in its place (no official announcement has been made), the theme, or even if there will be a nighttime parade.


Will you make a special trip to Walt Disney World to catch Main Street Electrical Parade one last time? We’ve already made plans for late October but are considering heading down earlier to catch it!

Main Street Electrical Parade pin

Photos Courtesy of WDW News