How to get the most out of Disney Parks Animal Kingdom

Photo Credit: Becky Davenport

An excursion across the wilds of Africa seems impossible for most of us – especially families on a budget – but is it possible to see all the same things without leaving the states? Disney Parks Animal Kingdom is more than just a zoo full of animals – it brings the culture and the taste of Africa to us.

As I roamed the streets of Animal Kingdom, listened to the beat of the music, watched the authentic carvers hard at work, I could envision myself in the streets of Africa.

I boarded what appeared to be an old rickety train – it wasn’t just designed to look that way – I felt as if I was off for an adventure of a lifetime. And I was; I was getting a narrated tour of Animal Kingdom.


Animal Kingdom is a budget friendly alternative to packing your bags and flying across the world, but before you go there are things you need to know.

Plan Ahead to Get the Most out of Disney Parks

Like an African Safari; you still have to make arrangements to see and do many of the activities – activities like the Wild Africa Trek gives visitors an opportunity to have a Safari like adventure, but requires reservations.

Know Your Dining Choices

There are opportunities to have authentic African cuisine, but again you must do the research so you know

Animals are a big draw at Disney Parks Animal Kingdom

Photo Credit: Becky Davenport

what is available and in your budget.

Budget Your Time

Like all Disney Parks, Animal Kingdom is large. Many will tell you it’s possible to see Animal Kingdom in a half day; they are wrong. I feel to really enjoy Animal Kingdom it would take at least two days at the park.

Know the Best Times to See the Animals

One of my greatest disappointments was I had not thoroughly investigated what times are best to see the animals and missed several of them – which made me sad.

Do Not Miss the Rides

Kilimanjaro Safaris, Kali River Rapids, and Expedition Everest are definitely worth your time (watch the video below if you don’t believe me). Know their schedule, use your FastPass and enjoy the moment.

Ask the Experts

While you may have researched, planned, and even mapped out your day – I highly suggest asking around to make sure you are well prepared for your day at Animal Kingdom.If you don’t know anyone who’s been to Animal Kingdom (or any other Disney Park for that matter), ask a TravelingMom. We’ve been there.