Taking a trip to a Disney park requiressnack3 families to think about the food they will eat once there. Whether you decide to bring food with you save money, please picky eaters or accommodate a food allergy there are some foods more transportable than others. Here’s what food one family decided to bring to Disney.

The best Disney tips can help save your sanity and your money. I am so used to cooking and healthy snack-packing for the family that the idea of eating out all day, every day at Disney seems crazy. I know many say you can do it economically but with a mini-fridge and microwave in our room, I can bring a few items to supply snacks and breakfast most days. And in case you are wondering, we are packing these items in checked baggage. We have a non-stop 3 hour flight and all perishable will be packed in freezer bags with frozen items to stay cold.

Our plan is to pack powdered milk and a quart container and once reconstituted, we store it in the fridge for cereal.Here is what I am planning to pack but will let you know what I did bring and what I will never bring again.

Cold Food 

Organic bite-sized carrots
Hummus snack packs
Frozen cheese sticks & a block of reduced fat cheddar
Frozen Muffins (our current favorite is Kiwi-Strawberry)
Frozen Bagels
Hard-boiled eggs

Room Temperature Food

Our favorite snack bars: Z-bars, larabar, Kashi
Packets of oatmeal
Organic cereals
Powdered milk
Crackers packed in solid container
Sesame Seeds
Roasted Whole Almonds
Dried Cranberries
Organic Vanilla Milk in travel sizes from Horizon Organics
Packets of Microwavable Popcorn
Packets of Tuna
Dried Pineapple
salt, pepper, mayonnaise and sugar packets
Plastic utensils and reusable cups
Mini-dish detergent packed in a sealed bag


With some of the items above can make PopcornTrail Mix to bring around the parks with us. We are thinking about having lunch meats delivered to the room from GreenGrocer.com. Have you ever used the service? What other Disney tips do you have for bringing food the parks? Leave your comments and suggestions below!