Disney Parks’ Animal Kingdom’s Asia is based on the mythical kingdom of Anadapur, which in Sanskrit translates to A place of Delight. Opened in 1999 it features a village with ancient ruins of temples and a maharajah’s palace. Since there are several rides, shows and activities in Asia to chose from, here are our top recommendations when visiting with kids.

Rides at Animal Kingdom

Exploring Disney's Animal Kingdom : Six Kid-Friendly Tips from Traveling Moms

photo credit Autism mom Margalit Francus

Asia  houses two main rides: Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids .Our own GoodnCrazy Traveling Mom Carissa Rogers took her family on Expedition Everest the steep roller coaster with sharp turns that turns riders backwards and loved it.
Kali Rapids is a water raft ride that might seem tame but you can easily get soaked so as Military Traveling Mom Meagan Shamy recommends you should definitely bring a poncho along.


The Yak and Eti Bhaktapur bazaar is a great place to find unique souvenirs and gifts to take home. From ancient coin replicas to belly dancing scarves, the bazaar is a fun place to part with your money



Take a break from the rides and shopping to watch the family of monkeys (mom, dad and two youngsters) play among the ruins of an ancient temple replica.

Brush Up on Your Dance Moves

The perfect opportunity to learn or improve your Bollywood dance moves is right there in Asia next to the Yaki and Eti restaurant so before or after lunch make sure you join the dance party. Click on the Instagram video below to see learn along with TravelingMom fouder Kim Orlando (in the pink shirt in the back of this Instagram video):

Dance party at #tmomdisney #ad @kimorlando

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Don’t miss ‘Flights of Wonder’

Attend a captivating nature show that educates guests about wild birds with humor and bird tricks. Make sure to sit in the aisle if you want to participate in the show or if you want some extraordinary shots of the birds.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Texas Traveling Mom Rebecca Darling raved about the Wilderness Explorers program, and you will too when you see how Disney manages to engage young guests to teach them about nature and conservation.