Minnie-Mouse-EpcotOne of the reasons why people get excited about visiting Disney World is because you can meet your favorite characters. It is a great way to make the memories of those magical characters come alive. At first I didn’t think of it as a thing you needed to do in the parks, but my baby had a full out temper tantrum because he wanted to see Pluto, and it ended being a great experience for the whole family.

This is how it all went:

My family and I were in Florida to visit Disney World. One day, while visiting Hollywood Studios, on a four day park pass, my boys were in line to take a photo with my baby’s favorite character – Pluto. Suddenly out of nowhere a grey cloud passed and started raining, everyone ran to cover up, including Pluto.


When it finally stopped raining Pluto was somewhere else and we couldn’t find him. We thought we lost our chance to meet him. This happened at 11 am, so we had to hear my son calling for Pluto all day long.

In an attempt to get his mind off Pluto we took him to see a bunch of other popular characters. We saw:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Mater and Lighting McQueen
  • Phineas and Ferb

It didn’t matter who we saw, he just couldn’t stop asking for Pluto with the cutest look on his face.

By the end of the day, when the park was about to close, we started saying good bye to all of the characters and he started to cry! He was hysterical!

So what does a mommy do for her baby while at Disney?

My solution was asking for help from the first cast member I could find. I told them about my weird dilemma and they seemed to totally sympathize with us. They told me to go to the customer service office where the man that received us was even more sympathetic. It looked like they were all genuinely concerned about how sad it was to visit Disney and to not meet your favorite character.


The customer service guy was kind enough to make some calls to figure out where Pluto was. He was in Epcot, which was a bit of a problem for us since we had one park per day passes. When we mentioned that thecustomer service man immediately printed out our new passes for Epcot. No excuses, conditions or extra fees.

Epcot Center – Character Greetings

After we left the office, we got an Epcot map and went directly toward Pluto. I must say, after visiting all four parks, seeing characters ended up being one of the best things to do in Epcot. They have a large building with a waiting area that has A/C. When you get into the room where the characters are you see three of them at once.

So you can forget about the rain, or huge lines in the heat.

I don’t think I need to tell you how happy we were to be able to see Pluto. Somehow, after this adventure looking for Pluto, he became my favorite character too.


As a bonus we got to meet Mickey Mouse for a second time.

You know how kids are, as soon as they get what they want they forget about it and set their minds on something new. This is exactly what happened after getting a photo with Pluto. My son was suddenly interested in finding Minnie Mouse. Luckily there she was!

However, shortly after, he started crying for Pluto again. This time, as reasonable parents we simply showed him pictures of him with Pluto!


In Disney the word baby will get you anything you want; it works almost like a magic word. If someone sees your baby in need he will do everything he can to give it to him/her.

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