‘Ohana means family and Disney’s Polynesian Villas definitely make a family feel welcome. Although the villas are part of Disney’s Vacation Club, you can still book these rooms directly through Disney. Latina Traveling Mom claims Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort as one of her top 3 favorite Walt Disney World Resorts. She tells you why and how the Deluxe Studios are her jam. Hint: 2 bathrooms!

5 Reasons for Your 'Ohana to Stay at Disney's Polynesian Villas

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. Photo credit: Kuleen Lashley, Kid at Heart TravelingMom

Why You Should Stay at Disney’s Polynesian Villas

I have stayed in every Walt Disney World Resort except for Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort ranks up in the top 3! From the location and ambiance to the restaurants and entertainment offered, it really is a tropical paradise.

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows are part of Disney’s Vacation Club. In order to book with Disney Vacation Club, you have to be a member. However. you can book those rooms directly on Disney’s website, too. While I would love to stay in a bungalow, those are big money, and out of my price range. Before we became Disney Vacation Club members, we would rent points from members to save money.

Traveling Mom Tip: Solo TravelingMom Sarah gives you the scoop about renting points here.

Keep Your ‘Ohana Happy: Two Bathrooms Are a Big Deal

Two bathrooms are a huge deal for me. One bathroom has a toilet and a tub/shower while the other is smaller with a sink and walk-in shower. This makes getting ready in the mornings so much easier. Maximum capacity is 5 for the Deluxe Studios at Disney’s Polynesian Villas, and if you have 5 people in your room, a separate toilet and shower makes for a happier vacation.


With two bathrooms, you are giving up some storage space like dressers. They did get creative to make up for the decreased space with the ability to store luggage under beds and in the ottoman.

Polynesian Villas Deluxe Studio bathroom -- and 1 of Reasons for Your 'Ohana to Stay at Disney's Polynesian Villas

One of the bathrooms at Disney’s Polynesian Villas Studios. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb, Latina TravelingMom

Living Space at Disney’s Polynesian Villas

My familia enjoys a good place to rest and relax. We used to be park goers from open to close. But now we’re learning to take it easy, so we’re not so exhausted when we go home. We like to mix relaxation with the Disney Parks.

Having a couch (which turns into a foldout bed) makes it easier to take a break. Then we’re not invading someone’s sleeping space all the time. There’s also more walking room than in a traditional room where two queen beds fill the room.

5 Reasons for Your 'Ohana to Stay at Disney's Polynesian Villas Deluxe Studio

Disney’s Polynesian Villas Deluxe Studio. Photo credit: Latina TravelingMom, Tania Lamb

5 Reasons for Your 'Ohana to Stay at Disney's Polynesian Villas Deluxe Studio

Disney’s Polynesian Villas Deluxe Studio. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb, Latina TravelingMom

Kitchenette and Microwave

The DVC Deluxe Studios have a small kitchenette that includes a sink, paper products like paper towels, bowls, and plates, and some plastic utensils. They also include a small refrigerator (which is also included in every room at Walt Disney World Resorts), microwave, coffee maker, and toaster. While you can’t cook with a kitchenette, it is convenient for quick breakfasts in the morning. You have bowls for cereal, can throw in bread or bagels in the toaster in the morning, and the kids can sit and watch cartoons while others continue to get ready for the day.

The microwave also came in handy when I had babies. I could warm up bottles or food in the room. And I’ve been known to warm up leftover chicken wings and potstickers from Kona Care as a midnight snack.

Adorable Murphy Bed

This bed is the family favorite! It’s a Murphy Bed that can fold back into the wall when you’re finished with it! Easy peasy. It’s comfortable enough for an adult (I’ve slept on it before), with a lovely view of Mickey in a hammock with your own nightlight. I also love it for my smaller children, because the bed is so low to the ground.

Murphy Bed at Disney's Polynesian Villas Deluxe Studio

Murphy Bed at Disney’s Polynesian Villas Deluxe Studio, Photo Credit: Tania Lamb, Latina TravelingMom

Restaurants and Pineapple Lanai

Disney’s Polynesian Village offers some of the best restaurants around Walt Disney Resort. The restaurants are not exclusive to the villas or even to just resort guests, but they had to be mentioned.

Kona Cafe and ‘Ohana are always must-do restaurants for my family. For breakfast, discover Tonga Toast at Kona Cafe or eat with Lilo and Stitch at ‘Ohana. The desserts for dinner at both restaurants are superb!

Also, you can get Dole Whips, a fan favorite Disney snack, all the time at Pineapple Lanai. My favorite Dole Whip is the vanilla-pineapple swirl soft serve with pineapple juice float that you can no longer get at Magic Kingdom Park. You can still find pineapple soft serve with pineapple juice, but it’s not the same and a whole lot of pineapple.

TravelingMom Tip: When I stay at the villas, I grab a Dole Whip and watch Wishes nighttime spectacular from the Polynesian Beach.

Dole Whip from Pineapple Lanai, 5 Reasons for Your 'Ohana to Stay at Disney's Polynesian Villas

Dole Whip from Pineapple Lanai at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb, Latina TravelingMom

I haven’t even touched on the benefits of the resort itself such as transportation, proximity, and all the other amenities included. I hope your ‘ohana enjoys Disney’s Polynesian Villas as much as mine does. Aloha, amigos.

Hope to see you soon at Disney’s Polynesian Villas!

5 Reasons to Stay at Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. With 2 bathrooms and added amenities, the Deluxe Studios as part of Disney's Vacation Club are hard to beat!