riverboatIf you ever get a chance to ride on the Mark Twain boat at Disneyland,take it, it’s a great experience! Not only will your trip be fun but it will also be educational, a plus for the kids! Your tour guide will teach your kids what all the whistle blows and bells mean,they will get a chance to “steer” the boat while you take plenty of pictures of them being Captain!! They will also learn about all of their surroundings;tepees,animals,fish etc. If you aren’t familiar with Disneyland, this boat is located near Pirates of the Carribean in the Rivers of Columbia near New Orleans. After you take your 15 minute ride on the Mark Twain your kiddos just might be so into that they will want to ride The Colombia as well which works out perfect since they work as a tag team. I never say no since a day at Disneyland can get tiresome and these boat rides are rather relaxing yet keep the kids entertained. Oh and the best part for the kids….make sure they get their certificate of sailing from your tour guide,always a big hit! Hope you have magically time!