While taking on the parks with your teens at Walt Disney World Resort is fun; there’s also times when it’s equally as thrilling to send them on their way without you. During a recent stay at the Coronado Springs Resort, I scoped out the transportation system with teens in mind. Here’s some information and tips about how to get to some of the most popular spots your teens will most likely want to visit when staying at Coronado Springs Resort.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Transportation 

My teens taking on Test Track at Epcot on their own. Photo credit: Disney PhotoPass, Lorraine Robertson / Marathon TravelingMom

My teens taking on Test Track at Epcot on their own. Photo credit: Disney PhotoPass, Lorraine Robertson / Marathon TravelingMom

One of the perks of staying on property at Walt Disney World Resort is access to parking and the resort transportation system. While the Coronado Springs Resort is not on the monorail system – getting around Disney World is still easy to do. I recently stayed at Coronado Springs for a conference – the resort boasts a huge conference space and meeting rooms in addition to the many restaurants, pools and other amenities.

TMOM Travel DisclosureWe have been coming to Walt Disney World Resort since my youngest was a toddler, Now 12 and 14, both of my kids are old enough to enjoy more independence at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Disney’s policy allows kids 14 and over to enter the parks solo; and children under 14 can tag along with their 14+ older sibling. If you’re staying at the Coronado Springs Resort and your kids are mature enough to handle the responsibility of experiencing some of the magic alone they’re going to need to know how to get to the spots they want to visit. And you’re going to want to know, too, so you can get to them easily if necessary.

Cell phones are a parent’s best friend for times like this. We’re an iPhone family and use the Find a Friend app so all four of our locations – my husband’s and mine included – are trackable.

Details of the Disney Transportation System

The transportation system is complimentary for resort guests. The system starts running one hour before the parks open and continues until one hour after the parks close. The bus to Downtown Disney runs daily until 1 a.m; and until 2 a.m. to return to the resort.

There’s a main bus stop at Coronado Springs in front of the El Centro building; and additional stops that move guests between the other buildings at this very large resort. The buses run approximately every 20 minutes throughout Disney, but often wait times are less – Extraordinary TravelingMom and her teens waited less than 5 minutes when they were returning from the parks using the bus system.

The buses are clearly marked with their destinations. The bus stops also have signs detailing where to wait to catch the bus for each park and property. While many of the destinations to and from Coronado Springs Resort have direct service, there are a few that have more than one stop.

Tips for Teens Taking the Disney Buses

Buses that take visitors from the Coronado Springs Resort into the Disney Parks.

Walt Disney Buses – Photo Credit Carissa Rogers

  • If your kids have a cell phone make sure they have it with them and it is fully charged. It’s a good idea to give them a portable charger so they can plug in when their battery dies from taking all those selfie pictures.
  • Prep them to be patient. While the bus system is normally timely, make sure they build in extra waiting time to get there and to get back to Coronado Springs. Often they’ll handle wait times better if they expect them.
  • Instruct them to double check with the bus driver to be sure they are on the correct bus. While the signs are clear and correct; it’s always good to confirm with the driver so they don’t take any unexpected rides.
  • Remind them to check park hours. Park hours vary daily. This lets your teens plan accordingly.
  • Suggest they steer clear of busy travel times. Certain times of the day–like when the parks close-often result in longer waits for transportation.
  • If they are planning to park hop, make sure they know buses can take them directly from park to park. They don’t need to return to Coronado Springs first.
Photo Credit: Carissa Rogers

Photo Credit: Carissa Rogers

Top Teen Locations and Travel Times

Coronado Springs Resort is centrally located in Walt Disney World Resort and is close to several of the top spots your teens will want to visit.

The farthest park is Magic Kingdom while Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Blizzard Beach are the closest. It’s challenging to provide exact travel times due to varying circumstances like park hours, traffic and rider volume, but below are estimates to help you gauge how long the bus trip might take.

  • Blizzard Beach – approximately 10 minutes
  • Hollywood Studios – approximately 10 minutes
  • Animal Kingdom – approximately 15 minutes
  • Epcot – approximately 15 minutes
  • Magic Kingdom – approximately 20 minutes
  • Typhon Lagoon – approximately 25 minutes
  • Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island – approximately 25+ minutes

Have you sent your teens into the Disney Parks on their own? What instructions did you give them? Share with us in the comment section below.