Over the last several years Disney has held an Armed Forces Salute at Disneyland where military members can save money on tickets and hotels.  Each year the Disney military discount promotion varies, but it is always beneficial to military personal and their families. Many military families assume that a family vacation to Disneyland is not with in their budget, but during this special salute it is!

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“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” pillow on the bed at the Disneyland Hotel – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy / Day Trips TravelingMom

Where to Buy Disney Military Discount Tickets

Armed Forces Salute tickets cannot be purchased at Disney.  They must be bought at an ITT office on base. You are limited to six tickets, but you can purchase your set of six twice during this time.  Your first set of tickets must be used before they can sell you six more.

Once the tickets are purchased the ITT office will provide you with a print-out. This print-out is essentially your ticket. Unlike Disney World, you do not have to exchange this paper at the Will Call or a ticket booth. Instead after you go through security, you present your print-out for the ticket scanner. The ticket scanner will scan the paper and ask for your military ID. At this point, they will keep your print-out and hand you a normal ticket.

I mention this because I learned the hard way and wasted a lot of time.

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A perfect slide for preschoolers at the Disneyland Resort Hotel pool – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

Military Discounts at Disneyland Resort Hotels

Disneyland is also offering the military discount rates at Disneyland Resort hotels during the Armed Forces Salute.  The rooms allocated for the special rate are limited. I highly recommend calling in advance. You are allowed to book two rooms during your stay. To find out if the military rate is available when you are visiting call  714-520-6425.

If the veteran in the family is there for the trip be sure to read about Disney’s daily flag ceremony honoring veterans. It may even be you they select!  I wanted my husband to do this, but the last three times we went to Disney, he was out of the country. Can you just imagine how exciting it would be for your kids to watch!