A Disney World VIP tour is the ultimate way to tour the park. Though not necessary for all vacations to Disney, there are certain advantages and circumstances best for using Disney tours that can be worth every penny.

A Disney World VIP Tour is the ultimate luxury to add to your Disney World vacation. With a little juggling of the vacation budget, you can do it.

It’s a jungle out there for those new to planning a day in the parks. A Disney World VIP Tour will take away the stress of planning that leave some people crosseyed. Photo courtesy of Robin Hutson, Mindful Traveling Mom





6 Reasons to Book A Disney Private Tour

Families invest great expense in Disney World vacations. While most families assume private Disney tours are beyond their budget, there are times when their price tag makes sense.

Given the thousands of dollars a family of four will spend on accommodations, park tickets, food, and transportation to experience the Disney parks from a few days to a week, doesn’t it make sense to invest another thousand dollars into the vacation budget to make a seamless, stress-free visit?

Some tours are several thousand dollars, but sometimes a simple change in plans can identify funds for this. A change in resort accommodations, for example, is one way to redistribute your vacation budget. An offsite deluxe hotel will often cost less than those on Disney property. A few hundred dollars less per night over six days provides the funding easily. Should you stay on or off property?

Or on a shorter vacation, a family might limit their park touring to one day with park hopping instead of buying a four day ticket. Families will be able to see highlights from each of the four parks while using a VIP tour.

I breakdown all types of tours, their costs, and the difference between Disney VIP tours and private company tours in this guide.

1. Making the most of limited time

Let’s say that you were in Orlando for other reasons like a business convention or visiting nearby relatives. Or perhaps you’re trying to make the most of a weekend visit.

A Disney VIP tour at the parks can cram in as much as you can physically walk in one day. Your guide will make sure you hit most of the highlights of the parks, even all four, but don’t try this without the help of professionals!

Our guide for our Disney VIP Tours had ride and wait times down to the minute to create a plan to get the most done. I saw the ambitious plan and said, “That’s OK, I don’t want to crawl onto the plane home”.

Though I think that sounds exhausting, if you are in Orlando for a limited amount of time and may not get back, it is a great way to make the most of it!

You can always sleep on the plane. Your kids will likely be sacked out, too.

2. When you are a Disney newbie

Maybe this is your first time to the Disney parks or your first visit since your childhood. Organizing rides and using the fast pass system can leave some people stressed. Take a deep breath and read these tips for a stress-free Disney World vacation.

Using a VIP tour means you don’t have to use your brain at all. They do everything for you! Transportation between parks and hotels is also included.

Learning the flow of rides, wait times, walking distance between rides, and their fast pass availability takes some practice. Most people figure this out by their fourth or fifth trip to Disney World, but for less money than those trips, you can get it right the first time with a VIP tour guide.

Your family can learn the ropes for future visits with the help of a true expert.

A Disney World VIP Tour is the ultimate luxury to add to your Disney World vacation. With a little juggling of the vacation budget, you can do it.

There are not ugly relatives in charge when the Disney World Tour Guide is in charge. Photo courtesy of Robin Hutson, Mindful Traveling Mom.

3. A Disney World VIP Tour Guide: A Neutral leader

Another perk of using a VIP tour guide is the advantage of a neutral party leading many family members or friends in a group. What happens when you have two or more dominating personalities offering to take the lead? What if the person in the family who likes to take charge has no ability to organize the group logistically with a park plan?

The Disney VIP tour guides can take charge with a smile, tell everyone where to go next and no one’s family dynamics get triggered. If parents and grandparents are visiting the parks together for those special multi-generational memories, it’s absolutely worth it to make sure those memories involve only happy tears and not friction.

A Disney World VIP Tour is the ultimate luxury to add to your Disney World vacation. With a little juggling of the vacation budget, you can do it.

A Disney tour guide will help you find the magic in the details that you may not have noticed before. Photo courtesy of Robin Hutson, Mindful Traveling Mom.

4. A personal Concierge

Sometimes an extra set of hands can make the park twice as enjoyable. If your party requires pushing multiple strollers, wheelchairs, or other special needs, your Disney VIP guide will also be like a concierge for the rides dropping off your family at the entrance, parking the stroller for you, and meeting you at the exit with the strollers. Our guide even met us after Dumbo with a big iced tea and popcorn.

It is also useful to have another adult be able to stay with family if not all members can ride the same ride because of height restriction or thrill level. We loved being able to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with my daughter while our guide waited with our son. Our daughter asked to go again, so our guide offered to take her the second time.

As they appeared within my view on the track for the big drop, I saw them with their arms up in the air in the front row. Another VIP touch.

5. The More the Merrier?

The holidays make Disney World seem even more festive and magical than usual, and crowds increase significantly during the Christmas holiday. One the busiest park weeks of the year, Disney VIP tours offer you the one way to experience the rides you want while the rest of the park must make choices and sacrifices because of the biggest wait times of the year.

6. A real vacation

Finally the greatest reason to use it at Disney VIP tour is that the person usually in charge of planning the vacations and the family’s whereabouts (usually the mom), gets to take a real vacation.

During our tour, our guide took over and let me really enjoy the rides in a way that I usually don’t. With my brain off.

I loved that she took my camera and took photos of me at the parks. I finally have proof I was at Disney World.

Sure, you can always manage this using you a Photo Pass with the park photographers, but I loved having my own camera used to take family photos, too, on rides and other places where we wouldn’t be able to use park photographers.

For a complete breakdown of details, cost, guest limits, and the difference between Disney World VIP tours and private park tours, read my extended guide (link at the top of the article).

More for Less

Some families who wish to experience a VIP tour but want a friendlier price and choose between two set tours of Magic Kingdom. Both ride focused, the Ultimate Day of Thrills highlights coasters and attractions for older children, while the Classics tour focuses on those rides without any height restriction and suitable for all ages.

Participants follow a set schedule and do not have the option to customize the tour, however.

A Disney World VIP Tour is the ultimate luxury to add to your Disney World vacation. With a little juggling of the vacation budget, you can do it.

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