epcotcenterWhat are the absolute MUST SEE and MUST DO things in the parks? I polled my family and here are the things we consider Must-Do Attractions at EPCOT. This is our second-favorite park. Magic Kingdom is a no-brainer, but my kids absolutely L-O-V-E love EPCOT as well.

  • Soarin’
  • Test Track
  • Spaceship Earth
  • World Showcase: This is by far my kids’ most favorite thing to do at EPCOT. They love to buy a passport (available at every gift shop on Disney property–just ask) and go to each country in the Showcase. Each country employs people from that country (e.g., Norway employees are from Norway, France employees are from France, the snozberries taste like snozberries, etc.). Those employees sign the passport and talk to the kids about their native country. My children are fascinated with learning about their cultures–how they are different from ours and how they are the same. World Showcase can take at least two hours (maybe more) so plan accordingly. The Mouse For Less has several pages of educational downloads for EPCOT. My kids loved finding the answers to these worksheets.
  • Kim Possible’s Adventure. You’ll see Kim Possible kiosks around the World Showcase. Just ask them if you can save the world. They’ll give a cell phone pre-programmed with your adventures and tasks and tell you where to go to start saving the world. My kids LOVED doing this. Be aware, though, that there are seven assignments (though you don’t have to do them all; you can quit any time) and each one will take about 20 minutes in a single country. I was fine with this, my husband was not.
  • The fireworks at EPCOT are fine. My husband likes them, but I prefer the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks display.
  • If you are visiting in October, definitely plan to eat and drink your way around the World Showcase–it’s the Food & Wine Festival! There are so many extra activities. You can read about the Food & Wine Festival activities at AllEars.net.