grumpypirateTheme park trips with kids change over time; you move from the kiddie rides to the thrill rides, you can’t wake your teens up to get to the park early – in fact, when my kids were little and knew they were going to a theme park, they used to wake us up, and there might be tears.

The last was a warning I got for almost every mom I spoke to before our first trip to Walt Disney World. Little kids can get overwhelmed, they all agreed, and might burst into tears.

That never happened; we paced ourselves.

The teen difference


Teens who drive often visit theme parks with their friends, not families. But a Disney trip is different, unless you happen to live nearby. A trip to Disney World is often part of a family vacation, whether your kids are six or 16.

In the video below, see how the dynamics change when a group of moms travels around Epcot with a couple of teens.

No one warned me about what could happen when you visit Disney with teens. The parents could cry. They grow up so fast.