travelingmomsWhen you think of Disney, families probably flood your mind, merrily making memories around the various amusement parks. But sometimes, adults prefer to leave the kiddos behind and tackle the parks on their own. Our TravelingMom blogger network recently held a conference at Disney’s Yacht Club Convention Center, and part of our assignment while there included a visit to the parks without kids. That’s right: Disney with moms. And as you’ll see in the video below, it’s possible to have a whole lot of fun, especially at Animal Kingdom, where these moms went a little wild.

If you think about it, it only makes sense that sometimes Disney is better when you’re not hauling the entire family along, and dealing with the drama that comes with tired toddlers and moody teens. Sure, it’s wonderful to share Disney with them, but it’s also fun to go it alone, riding whatever ride you want, eating at the restaurant you pick, and getting back in touch with your own inner child. 

DestinationReviewYou can people watch with the best of them and gladly walk away when you hear a child crying for whatever it is that has them upset every other minute. You can make your own magical memories, and then bring the kids back the next time you visit.

(Note: The TravelingMoms were guests of Disney, with many of their meals and accommodations covered. #ad)