healthy disneyWhen you think of Disney, odds are you think of running from ride to ride and being amused by all the characters.

Well, that’s what a group of mom bloggers found on their recent trip to Walt Disney World, too.

They discovered Disney can actually keep you fit, with the right choices.

From transportation choices (yes, walking when you can, instead of taking the boats or buses), to food options (EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be fried, though the Mickey ears ice cream treats are a must in my family), you can actually work Disney to your advantage when it comes to healthy alternatives.

This works best during certain times of year, obviously, because in the summer months it will be very important to stay hydrated in the heat. But what a bonus in the winter months when you can take part in the various Disney marathons and 5k or 10k races. Most of the restaurants offer fresh fruit and veggies, even for on the go action in the parks.

Want to know the other secrets to a healthy trip to Disney? Just watch this video. And next time you go, grab a pedometer, too. You may be surprised at all the walking you do.

(Note: The TravelingMoms were guests of Disney, with many of their meals and accommodations covered. #ad)