Can you have a good time at Walt Disney World if you’re not a fan of the white-knuckle rides that make these amusement parks famous? After all, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, and the Tower of Terror are on most must-do lists. Well, we have a list of some of the most enjoyable things to do in Walt Disney World Parks when you want to skip anything that could leave you sick. And we promise, it’s still possible to have plenty of fun.

Disney fireworks.

Fireworks over the castle and Space Mountain. Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun TravelingMom.

There’s Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. Mount Everest at Animal Kingdom. Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. And Mission Impossible at Epcot.

Those are the beginning of the must-ride list for thrill-seekers at Walt Disney World.

Maybe it’s not the 0 to 60 speeds that scare you on the Test Track at Epcot. It could be something as simple as a spinning teacup.

I get it. I’ve had vertigo and can promise you that a spinning teacup could bring me to my knees much sooner than any Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

Forget the idea of dropping several floors in a split second at the Tower of Terror…or the notion of going backwards for even a few seconds on Expedition Everest. Also forget the bumpy carts you’ll find on rides like Dinosaur.

Maybe you don’t have vertigo to blame.

Maybe you just don’t find these thrills fun.

Can Walt Disney World be amusing at all if you can’t be part of the white-knuckle rides that make these amusement parks famous?

Well, yes, if you enjoy the other part of what makes the land of Disney so special, and trust me, you’ll find them on pretty much every corner.

I’m talking about the cool, magical surprises that you don’t always see coming.

Here’s a list of some of the most enjoyable things to do in Walt Disney World Parks when you want to skip anything that could leave you sick.

Cinderellas Castle

Cinderella’s Castle lit up at night. Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun TravelingMom.

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle. You can catch shows throughout the day that will make your inner child smile for hours. The parades feature all your favorite characters and this is all entertainment that you can sit down for (but get those seats early because everyone else wants a front row seat, too).

It’s a Small World. This ride is the summary of all things magical at Disney to me. This leisurely boat ride guides you through countries and continents featuring fanciful costumed dolls.

Pirates of the Caribbean. You can’t help but sing along on this ride, too, again on a boat ride and a small dip, but no real rollercoaster.

lady and the tramp topiary

Lady and the Tramp topiary at Epcot. Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun TravelingMom.


Innoventions. You can walk through this attraction and imagine, invent, inquire and be inspired with interactive exhibits and activiites.

Flower & Garden Festival. If you time it right, you will find topiaries of your favorite characters throughout the park.   The attention to detail is amazing. You have to look up, down and around buildings to spot them all in what you can create as a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Goofy sketches

Art of Animation class artwork. Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun TravelingMom.

Hollywood Studios

Art of Animation. Even when I could handle the thrill rides, I still loved visiting the Art of Animation on every visit. You sit for an art session where anyone—and I mean anyone—can learn to draw a different Disney character. You then get to bring that picture home with you. I absolutely find these frame-worthy.

Toy Story Midway Mania. I only recently discovered this one, but wow, what a bunch of fun! Just know that it’ll give your arm a workout.

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. This is just plain cool if you’re any kind of Disney fan at all. There’s an exhibit of rare artifacts and an inspirational 15 minute story of Walt’s life.


Africa is home to Kilimanjaro Safari. Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun TravelingMom.

Animal Kingdom

Kilamanjaro Safari. I admit there’s one part of this ride that might jolt you around a little, but it isn’t much worse than going over a couple speed bumps and totally worth the momentary suffering. It’s like going to the zoo without having to do all the walking.

Kali River Rapids. This one might be a borderline ride if you struggle with spinning, but honestly, the spinning isn’t fast like you’ll find on the teacups and if you’re hot walking around the park, this one will cool you off in no time. But do know you will get wet. It’s pretty tough to miss the splashing water—even in the seat on the ride.

In all the Disney Parks you will find other entertainment like the Finding Nemo musical at Animal Kingdom and Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios. There’s also a lot of shopping to keep you busy with special souvenirs that will help make sure you never forget your trip.

And if, for some reason you do end up sick from one of the milder rides or just from the Florida heat (trust me, it can get to you if you aren’t drinking plenty of water), there are first aid stations scattered around the park and first responders ready to roll if you need the help. After all, the point is to have a good time and create the kinds of memories that make you smile for years to come.