Disneyland 1999. Photo credit: Mary Heston / World TravelingMom

One of the great thing about Disneyland and Disney World is that the pictures can really say more than all the words you can think of.

My first trip to Disneyland with the kids was in 1999.

This first photo shows me holding my daughter Cecilia (age 3 at the time) alongside just a portion of the extended family who joined us that day.DestinationReview

Disneyworld 2014. Photo credit: Mary Heston / World TravelingMom


Flash forward to the spring of 2014.

The big question in my mind was whether a trip to Disney with a teenager would be as magical as it was for that young girl in 1999.

The answer was, in true Disney fashion, it was more magical than I could have anticipated.

When we arrived at the Disney World Boardwalk Hotel, I asked Cecilia, “Where first?” She wanted to go to the Hollywood Studios.  We hopped on the boat and were over at the park in no time.  It was fun for me to see what part of the park she wanted to visit.

There were attractions like the Toy Story ride that I would have thought were too “kiddy” for her – but we ended up going on that one twice.

Photo credit: Mary Heston / World TravelingMom

Our family has a strong connection with the movie “Star Wars.” When Cecilia and I spent an afternoon out in the dunes her brothers photoshopped the picture to make it look like she was in a scene from the movie.

Photo credit: Mary Heston / World TravelingMom

When it came to spirit week at her school and the theme was “Disney Princess” she went dressed as Princess Leia. (Some in her school argued that since Disney just purchased the series that Leia may or may not be a true Disney Princess but there was no doubt in Cecilia’s mind).

Photo credit: Mary Heston / World TravelingMom

Photo credit: Mary Heston / World TravelingMom

So when we got to the Hollywood park at DisneyWorld there was no doubt that we would be hitting the StarTours attraction.

We did go on over to the Magic Kingdom where we rode the the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (so much fun), met the characters, and took tons of pictures by Cinderella’s Castle. The magic for me happened through all the laughs and time talking about Disney memories over the years. It was that perfect bridge between childhood and adulthood.  In another year, she will be out on her own and I may or may not be able to drag her along with me on business trips and family vacations.  But this trip showed us both that we could travel together as grownups and have a ton of fun being kids together.

This trip to DisneyWorld was part of a press trip promotion for the new attraction the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and entrance to the park was provided by Disney.  All comments and opinions and pictures are my own.