castawaywelcomeBeing on a cruise is one of those rare moments in life you feel super lucky when you get to go on one. But can you imagine how absolutely special you feel when it’s an inaugural cruise by Disney!

Yeah, you can imagine my excitement!

Hanging out on the ship for three days you don’t really know what you’re on until you debark on port day and are left speechless as you look at this most impressive entity and wonder, for the umpteenth time – how did they make this come to life.

I got the best views of the boat when we pulled over for a gorgeous day in the Bahamas on Disney’s private island – Castaway Cay.

fantasycruiselinerCaribbean, Cruising and Crystal Clear Blue Waters

So if I was floored by the cruise ship, I simply couldn’t believe the see through blue blue water which, I still think, is a fake. You simply can’t imagine how perfect it was.

The aquamarine water, with white sand floors, sparkled in the sun and stood as still as a mirror while we walked past it to enjoy the afternoon and BBQ lunch offered by the boat.

Side Note – I have done other cruises with other cruise liners, none offer lunch during port day at the destination. You can only get it if you go back on the boat.

Debarking on Port Day

As with everything Disney, this experience was so painless, quick, no lines and actually enjoyable. When I did a cruise before, it took us over one hour to get back on with the huge lines and immigration nonsense. Not here.

Working from past experience I started to head back over two hours before we left port not to deal with the hassle, but since it took less than five minutes for me to enter the ship and be back in my room, I got another treat.

meandthecruiselinerWho loves an empty ship? Me, Me, Me!

This benefit simply doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Granted our inaugural cruise with Fantasy was a half empty boat, but when the cruises fill up, it can really be a full house.

Nothing beats an empty boat. It feels as though you are the only one exploring it and with each new turn there is something wonderful to greet you. Either it be a new room or character or an empty dining hall (because you can never eat enough while cruising.)

Still can’t decide if this was one of my favorite days.

Marina K. Villatoro is an expat living and traveling in Central and Latin America with her family for over 10 years. With all the miles under her family’s belts, she’s written useful family guide books to make travel fun for families to these parts – all tested and approved by her family! Join Marina on Facebook and Twitter for more Central and Latin American fun!