IMG_3866Disney Doorway to Dreams, a showcase of the Disney Vacation Club resort hotels, opened up in Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island and is set up to give those inquiring about the options and benefits of becoming a Disney Vacation Club member a view and feel of what their stay would include.

Disney Vacation Club is a time-share program offered by Disney with various destinations around the world and in the many Disney Resorts. The current cost of becoming a Disney Vacation Club member is almost $18,000, not including closing costs and other fees.  The membership expires after 50 years and annual dues apply.

IMG_3845I toured the area with my family in tow, just to see what the kids would think of it as well. The set up was wonderful, with a small play area for kids.  They showcase their two types accommodations available: a bedroom and a two bed-room, family suite, both lovely. After touring the facilities, you are than able to watch a video providing more information about the Disney Vacation Club and speak to a vacation guide to learn about your options, financing, etc.


After visiting the location, I felt that the Disney lover looking to purchase a piece of the Magical Pie for their vacation experiences, this was a wonderful showcase and really provided a great feel for what you were buying. There is no doubt the Disney is an awesome place to visit with your kids, or just as a couple. If this is something you are considering or are curious about, I would encourage you to head out to Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden State and check it out. It’s truly amazing the detail and thought that they have put into these rooms to accommodate the traveling family.