disneycountdown1Planning a vacation can be a great experience.  The anticipation of upcoming family memories is a fun part of any vacation.  I love looking online for insider secrets to make our vacation more magical.  Traveling mom has many valuable travel tips to make your vacation memorable.

My family, especially my little girls, likes to count down the days to our next vacation.  It helps keep the anticipation up and the magic alive.  It also helps mommy keep track of time and make sure we are prepared without any last minute hassles.

We are currently counting down to our Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera.  I wanted our countdown to have a Disney flair to it.  To achieve this, I used the Disney font and little Mickey heads.  I cut it out of vinyl and stuck it to a chalkboard I have at home.

disneycountdownI love how I can erase and reuse this countdown.  As we count towards the next birthday or holiday, we will be reminded of our amazing cruise memories.


Thankfully, this picture was taken quite a while ago and we don’t have this long to wait anymore.  In the next few posts, I will be showing you some of the Disney things we are doing to get ready for our cruise.  Once we get back, I will have a full detailed report for you.  Make sure and subscribe to Traveling Mom so you don’t miss a thing.

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