A recent haul from Disney's Character Warehouse. Photo: The Deal Mommy

A recent haul from Disney’s Character Warehouse. Photo: Travel Hack TMOM/The Deal Mommy

Disney World can feel like one big ATM if you let it. After the tickets, resort rooms, and meals you might not have any left for souvenirs…but I have found a way to save bit at the House of Mouse: Disney Character Warehouse. Two not-so-well promoted outlets owned by Disney have locations practically outside the Disney World gates:

Disney’s Character Warehouse
4951 International Drive
(407) 354-3255

Disney’s Character Warehouse
8200 Vineland Avenue, Orlando Premium Outlets – Suite 1252
(407) 477-0222

The Deal Kids and I hit both recently and found them to be identically stocked…and well worth the visit! They had pin starter sets of 8 for $12.95, Tees from $4, and tons of out-of-season but still perfectly useful items at giveaway prices.


I gave each of the Deal Kids $10 to spend. Deal Kid updated his vinylmation collection for $4 each ($14 at the parks) and Deal Girl picked up a Perry the Platypus pillow pet for $10 that is $33 on site. Tip: If your kids are into pins, get ANY cheap ones you can find and the cast members on site have to trade them! Many of the park gift shops (especially in the hotels) have entire books of pins just for trading. No worries if your kid starts with 20 “2012 marathon” pins you got for $2.

What are your best Disney outlet finds? Please share in the comments.