Disney California Adventure World of Color - Photo courtesy DisneyLast week Disney invited TravelingMom to experience Disneyland and California Adventure decked out for the holidays. One of the shows that we enjoyed was the holiday version of World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure. This outdoor show takes place in and over Paradise Bay. It is an elaborate choreography of fountains lit with a kalediscope of colors, set to sound and film clips projected through the water in a storyline featuring your favorite Disney characters. There are even flames that shoot and light up the night, inspiring gasps from the crowd.

The show was truly spectacular, and I walked away wondering what it would take to put on a program of that magnitude. It is something uniquely Disney in scope and detail. The thing that I loved the most was that it was a multi-sensory experience that I am excited to share with my visually impaired child. I know she’ll love it. You could feel the vibrations of the music, hear the water splashes change with the music and scene, and see the lighting and color as it lit up the sky. You could even occasionally feel a little spray of water, depending on where you were standing. When the fire fountains went off the heat was intense. This production was some of Disney’s Imagineering at it’s best.