Attractions are the stars at Disney World. While many are big and thunderous, others are perfect for your little ones under the age of five. There is no need to delay your first visit until they are older. The parks are meant to be discovered at every age.

attractions at disney

Fly away with Peter Pan to Neverland in the Magic Kingdom photo credit: Jennifer Greene Tween ‘n Teen Traveling Mom

I began taking my daughters to Walt Disney World at an early age. I did this in part because, before the age of three kids are free. Yes, free admission to Walt Disney World does exist.

I also did this because I love Disney and want them to experience the magic at every age. The youngest Mousketeers can enjoy all of their favorite characters and their beloved pal Mickey. Once your child hits the teen years, she won’t want anything to do with princess meet and greets or pirates.

There is a truly magical moment that happens when watching your little ones interact with their favorite pals, or when they first see the amazing display that is Cinderella’s Castle at night.  Many parents believe there won’t be anything for the young kids in the family, but that could not be more untrue! I have seen parents with infants strapped to them riding Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s A Small World – and the magic is apparent on the faces of the entire family.

Attractions at Disney for Kids under Five

Magic Kingdom

This is my favorite park for the little ones in the family. They can ride almost every attraction in the park and not feel like they are waiting on the sidelines.

Planning a Disney vacation? These attractions at Disney are perfect for kids under the age of five. Don't miss out because you think they are too young.

All Aboard the Walt Disney World railroad at Magic Kingdom photo credit: Jennifer Greene Tween ‘n Teen Traveling Mom

  • All Aboard! Take the Disney World Railroad on a park tour. You can get on/off the railroad on Main Street USA, Frontierland and Storybook Circus.
  • Characters are in abundance at the Magic Kingdom.  Purchase an autograph book and let the little ones meet with all of their favorite Disney pals. The faces are priceless!

Mainstreet USA

  • The morning vehicles are fun and great for all ages. You can ride from the park entrance to Cinderella’s Castle and take in all the sights as you pass by. 


  • Small kids can ride everything in Adventureland. If they don’t like the dark, skip Pirates of the Caribbean.  From personal experience my 3 year old daughter LOVED this ride and was not scared one bit. Your mileage may vary.


  • Tom Sawyer Island is a great place for kids to stretch their legs (if they have been in a stroller) and run around.

Liberty Square

  •  The Haunted Mansion is a main attraction here. Again, if you have a child afraid of the dark, move past this one. 


  • This whole area is meant for small children. There is not a ride I wouldn’t recommend here. If they are tall enough to ride, then ride it. Don’t miss any of these attractions. My favorites are Peter Pan’s Flight, Dumbo and Cinderella’s Royal Carousel. 


  • Transit Authority is a great ride for the little ones when they aren’t big enough for some of the other rides in this area, and it’s relaxing for Mom or Dad.
  • Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin are also great for the smaller kids.
attractions at disney

Attractions fit every age at Walt Disney World photo credit: Jennifer Greene Tween ‘n Teen Traveling Mom


Many visitors with small children tend to bypass Epcot. We never skip this park, because it’s great. Oh and Mom or Dad, you can get a grown-up beverage to enjoy during your visit. 

  • Spaceship Earth is calm and relaxing and not at all scary.
  • Journey Into Imagination with Figment is perfect for any age as this silly guy transports you into the world of play.
  • In the World Showcase, there is a lot to explore and see. If they are mobile enough, let the kids out of the stroller to see all that is within each country
  • The Land Pavilion is home to Living with the Land. Have your kids seen a 10 pound lemon?
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends is an aquarium, play area and home to Turtle Talk and so much more. Put this on the do not miss list!
  • Look for the dancing fountains and let the kiddos splash and play to get the wiggles out

Hollywood Studios

This park is undergoing a large make over but there is still plenty for little ones.

  • Disney Junior Live is a fun show and full of their favorite pals
  • Dine with Disney Junior Characters for breakfast
  • Any Star Wars kids? This is the park for them
  • Don’t miss Pixar Place and Toy Story Midway Mania

Animal Kingdom

We love to explore this park. It’s a zoo and a theme park all in one.

  • Take a trip on the Safari and see all the majestic animals that call Animal Kingdom home
  • Play in the Boneyard and dig up fossils
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch is a fun train ride to a learning part of the park
  • Festival of the Lion King is a MUST see show for the whole family

I may have missed a few attractions, but this list is the “top of the crop” attractions. In my opinion, once a child is potty trained, he is ready for his first visit to Disney.

At what age did your child first visit?