'The middle Cast in Disney'

Photo credit: ABC Media.

Disney World has a well-earned reputation for being a family-friendly vacation spot. It is the one place children and adults alike can escape reality and enter the world of fantasy and childhood.

Actors, actresses, singers, rappers, athletes and reality stars are among the celebrities who love Disney World and enjoy all the parks have to offer. Actress Kaley Cuoco recently brought her husband to Disney for his first visit;  the cast of “The Middle” went to Disney World as well, when one of the characters, Sue, wins a contest by keeping her finger on a car. She was supposed to win the car, but when they told her they changed their mind and would be sending her to Disney World, she was as excited and thrilled, as if she had won a car.DestinationReview

Celebrities can be spotted with their children in all of the Disney World parks, including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

If you want to be guaranteed to spot a celebrity in Disney, then Hollywood Studios is the place to visit. There you can find a hologram of Steven Tyler on the Aerosmith Rock-n-Rollercoaster ride and even visit movie studios and see how all those amazing action scenes you see in the movies are filmed. There is also the American Idol Experience, where visitors can end up on the television show, competing for a singing contract.

Disney has a way of making everyone feel like a celebrity, with cast members willing to help you out everywhere you look in the parks or at the resorts. During my recent visit for the TravelingMom writers’ retreat, I felt like a celebrity during a OnStar/Chevy test drive media event. Driving a Camaro and a Tahoe on the Disney grounds and trying out the Onstar service brought out the celebrity in all of us. With the push of a button, OnStar was at our service, providing amazing customer service, giving us directions, and making us feel like we were somebodies.