The best place for a late night or early morning bite to eat at the Coronado Springs Resort is Cafe Rix. The grab and go market offers a variety of food and beverages choices to suit everyone’s needs.

cafe rix at Coronado Springs Resort Walt Disney World

Photo credit: Karen Heffren / Desert TravelingMom

Cafe Rix at Coronado Springs Resort

Cafe Rix is a quick service food spot located at the Coronado Springs Resort, near the lobby and gift shop. It’s open early and late making it perfect for both early risers and late night owls. My cross country flight made for a late check in, thankfully Rix Cafe was open to save me from starving the night I arrived!TMOM Travel Disclosure

Breakfast Options

From cereal and fruit, to donuts and smoothies Cafe Rix has plenty of breakfast options. I recommend stocking up on cereal and milk (each room has a mini fridge), in order to have a quick breakfast before heading to the parks in the morning.

Lunch Options

Fruit Available at Cafe Rix

Photo credit: Karen Heffren / Desert TravelingMom


There are healthier lunch options available including a chicken wrap, cobb salad and greek salad. They also offer quinoa, hummus and fruit cups. Personally I would have liked to see a few more protein options.

Beverage Options

Cafe Rix has plenty of beverage choices for everyone include beer and wine. I was surprised by the wide variety of juice and milk varieties in the cooler, including speciality milks like Lactaid milk. I opted to purchase a Rapid Refill mug, paying $16.49 good for drink refills for the length of my stay. I found it to be a good value due to the convenience of soda fountain at Cafe Rix. Fancy coffee drinks are also available here.

Dessert Options

Sorbet at Rix Cafe Coronado Springs Resort

Photo credit: Karen Heffren / Desert TravelingMom

From donuts to gelato and cupcakes and cookies, pretty much every sweet tooth is covered at Cafe Rix. I can confirm that the strawberry sorbet is amazing. It’s the perfect way to cool off on a hot Florida afternoon.

You’ll find a small eating area at Cafe RIx along with a microwave if you find yourself in need  For more complete meal options at Coronado Springs, check out the Maya Grill, the food court Pepper Market and Las Ventanas.