mount-everest-animal-kingdom-disneyThis past weekend the Traveling Mom blogger chicks were invited by Disney to an incredible retreat organized by our Co- Founders Kim Orlando and Cindy Richards! Besides being one of the best excursions of my life, I got to hang out with a group of moms who think and live very similarly to me. Aside from being treated like Disney Princesses, we also got lots of great ideas and also lessons during our stay.

One of the lessons that stayed strong in my mind was presented by Cindy Richards, the editor of Traveling Mom, and an overall great writer! She emphasized to stay away from cliches and writing “the best ever.” It’s true, I agree with her 90%! However, sometimes there is just no other way to explain what you just did.

During lunch one day, we had the honor of meeting and listening to a Disney Imagineer. What is that? Yeah, we were all quite curious as well. What these people’s awesome job entails is creating the attractions we have known for years and sometimes fully take for granted all that goes with the planning of it.

One ride in particular, he explained from start to finish, was Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. As he talked half of the room admitted that they had experienced it and I was DETERMINED to join them.

He explained that when they came up with the idea the Imagineers went to Nepal and hung out at the base of the mountain simply taking in the feel, the culture and the ways of the trekkers that visit this area for the sole purpose of climbing the tallest mountain in the world. He went on to tell us that they spend days talking to the locals about life in that area and the traditions that are still followed.

Then they came back to create!

Now, for you to really see what this is all about, you need to get yourself over there. But I’ll give you a few hints:

  • When you walk in the direction of the ride all of a sudden the mighty mountain comes into focus and it really LOOKS like Everest, only smaller.
  • The waiting line itself is a museum of artifacts and amazing photos of past expeditions.You kind of don’t want it to end.
  • The roller-coaster doesn’t do any crazy flips or other things that deter you from enjoying the actual ride which adds to the feel of being there – I dont’ know about you, but with the overly zealous rollercoaster rides, I always close my eyes and miss out on the landscapes.
  • Everything about the ride screams Everest from the cold once you enter the mountain to the Yetty that comes after you.
  • The thrill of riding backwards in darkness not knowing what will happen next gets the adrenaline flowing till you’re nothing but fear and smiles.

But at the end of the ride there is only one thing you can do and say – THIS WAS THE BEST ROLLER-COASTER RIDE EVER!!!!!!!