tmdisneymeasureAs any Traveling Mom knows, all trips start with the lists.  Packing lists, reservation lists, house sitter instruction lists.  Leave it to my children to come up with the actually important list:  “Rides We Want To Go On In Disney”.

In an effort to get my kids excited about our first trip to Disney World (as if more excitement were needed) I told them to look through Disney’s website and find the attractions that seemed like fun to them.  Quite brilliantly, my oldest (and bossiest) child created a list of not only the rides they wanted to go on, but the height requirements.  

tmdisneylistI had not considered how disappointed our little 5 year old would be if he got to the front of the line and came up short, literally.  Lucky for him, his highly organized big sister had.  

After taking input from her little brothers she measured each of them, she then tagged the fun rides that they would be tall enough to enjoy.  A travel website really needs to hire her, she puts me to shame. 

So now we know, Splash Mountain is IN and Space Mountain is OUT.  

Disney published this fabulous list of all their attractions and the height requirements to ride them.  So before you leave, get out your tape measure and avoid the tears.