Disney Tips

Photo credit: Caroline Murphy / Smarty Pants TravelingMom

Visiting Disney with kids is always a blast, but how do you make it work when your kids are of different age groups? Because of height restrictions, interest and maturity you will likely have one kid who can go on one ride while the sibling can’t. My husband and I recently headed to Disney with our daughters – the fearless 7 year old and the obviously shorter and more fearful nearly 3 year old. We were able to manage Disney with multiple ages, heights and interest kids. My husband even handled it on his own when he spent an entire day and a half in the parks alone with the kids.

DestinationReviewMeasure Up

Before you head to Central Florida, get out the measuring tape. You’ll need to know the precise height – with the shoes they’ll likely wear. Many of the rides in the Disney World Parks have height restrictions. 32 inches is the cut-off for Tomorrowland Speedway, while Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain are both 40 inches. The new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride has a 38 inch requirement.

Disney Tips

Big Sister still enjoys some of the favorite rides of Little Sister, like Dumbo! Photo credit:  Caroline Murphy / Smarty Pants TravelingMom

Mom takes one kid and Dad takes the other. We did that on our first day at Hollywood Studios. My husband brought the big kid to the Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster while I brought the younger one to Toy Story. Both kids were happy!

Set Expectations

It’s best to let the kids know ahead of time that they may not get a chance to ride every ride they want or may have to sit and wait for their sibling to ride their ride.


Regardless of height, some rides might be a bit intimidating for the younger ones. For example, Astro Orbiter is rather high and fast for the youngest of children. Consider this when mapping out your plan for the day. On our last trip, I brought the little one “in” Space Mountain. The Tomorrowland People Mover travels inside the infamous roller coaster. You hear the screams and even catch a glimpse of the thrill seekers. My little one was so excited to tell her big sister that she was in Space Mountain, too. Whatever works, right?

Disney Cast Member Help

During an afternoon at Epcot, my husband – alone with the two kids – wanted my older one to be able to ride Soarin’. For height reasons the little one couldn’t go on. He went up to the Disney Cast Member at the Fast Pass Booth (he had fast passes for the ride) and explained his dilemma. They offered to escort my daughter to the front of the line – treating her like an unaccompanied minor. My husband – with the toddler in tow – was brought to the exit of the ride so he could greet her just as she got off. Talk about excellent customer service!

Proper planning is the key to a successful visit to Disney World. Take the time to learn about the rides and which ones your children might be interested in experiencing before you even arrive. These tips for managing Disney with multiple aged children will certainly help you on your next trip!