On site or off site got you down? With Disney Springs hotels, you get the best of on site- transportation, convenience, location with prices much closer to off site locations. B Resort Lake Buena Vista shines as a deluxe Disney Springs property at a value price. Travel Hack Traveling Mom Dia Adams is a fan; check out her B Resort Lake Buena Vista review to see why.

B Resort Review

The B Resort’s Lobby features high-end touches like this Proust Geometica Chair. Photo by Dia Adams / Travel Hack Traveling Mom

B Resort Lake Buena Vista Review

The B Resort wouldn’t be out of place on South Beach. Your first impression is a day-glo throne shining in the gleaming white marble lobby. (Go ahead, take a selfie- you know you want to!) The resort exudes grown-up cool. Then you notice the Disney Store right there alongside the pineapple infused water. Yes, Virginia, there is a grown up resort option that still gives you best of Disney World. Best of all, the B Resort is a terrific value.

What Works for Families

  • The rooms are large for Disney, thoughtfully designed and many sleep five. Most on site Disney resort rooms only sleep four. Some poolside rooms feature bunk beds, but I’d recommend the Park View rooms for an amazing view of both Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom fireworks.
  • Value!  B Resort’s pricing competes with off-property resorts with rooms often going under $100.  Even in peak season, you’ll find pricing better than Disney Deluxe resorts and on par with moderates. Room quality is on par with Deluxe resorts. Be sure to check the B Resort’s promotions page for many discounts for which you may qualify.

    The American Kitchen restaurant features a salad bar kids can also pretend to drive! Photo by Dia Adams

    The American Kitchen restaurant features a salad bar kids can also pretend to drive! Photo by Dia Adams / Travel Hack Traveling Mom

  • While I mentioned the resort feels grown up, it’s still over the top kid friendly.  As an official Disney Springs hotel, B  Resort has the aforementioned Disney Store in the lobby and “Disney” (coughMickeycough) waffles in the farm to table American Kitchen restaurant. Kids even get to climb aboard the vintage red pickup truck that holds the salad bar. We especially appreciated the quality and variety of healthy options in the quick-service Pick-Up.
  • Transportation.  B Resort utilizes the “Disney Springs Resorts” bus network. Before testing, I was concerned because of the multiple stops. My concerns eased when I timed our ride to Epcot: 15 minutes door to door. Even the Magic Kingdom at closing (which requires a transfer at the TTC) took only 40 minutes door to door. I’ve waited that long to get back to some Disney on-property resorts.
  • Location. Disney Springs is just a ten-minute walk away with a convenient pedestrian bridge over the busiest streets. For more about Disney Springs check out Traveling Mom’s extensive Disney Springs archives.
  • Luxury touches like a Keurig machine (MUCH appreciated when you wake up before the kids) and Aveda toiletries take the entire experience up a notch from your typical Disney hotel. The B Resort’s shower is in the top ten best hotel showers I’ve ever experienced.
  • The B Resort has a Kids Zone that will appeal to all ages. Video games and Foosball for the tweens and teens are a welcome sight. Many “kids” areas assume that “kid” means six and under. The B Resort’s play space will entertain even the pickiest kid. And has wifi for parents who need to get caught up.
  • The large and heated pool has a no-entry feature so even the littlest swimmers can play. Loungers are comfortable and plentiful.

What Doesn’t Work for Families

B Resort Lake Buena Vista

The showers are terrific, but if you need a tub you’ll want to make sure you book a room type that has one. Photo by Dia Adams

  • Most standard rooms only feature a shower instead of a shower/bathtub. If you have a baby/toddler, double check the room type before booking.
  • B Resort charges for parking and has a resort fee. Be sure to keep these fees in mind when comparing to Disney on-property resorts as they have neither.
  • B Resorts have a wonderful program called “B Humane” which raises funds for endangered species. The downside is that the adorable stuffed frog on your bed when you arrive is a LOANER. What kid wants a one night stand with a lovey?  If you don’t want to give to the cause by buying one of your own, hide Mr. Frog before your kid spots him.

I’ll let my nine year old daughter wrap up my review of the B Resort Lake Buena Vista with her thoughts:  “It’s off Disney Property but it’s only a ten-minute walk to Disney Springs and the buses are really easy to use and come often. The glass elevator view was amazing- you could see Disney Springs from there and the fireworks view was SO pretty. The Kids Zone had wifi so moms could work and kids could play. I loved the B Resort and would definitely stay there again when we go to Disney World.”

I couldn’t agree more.
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