Africa in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom will entertain people of all ages with its safari and more. Here’s what you need to know about spending the day at Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom’s Africa is Fun for All Ages


The entrance to Harambe Village is marked at Animal Kingdom. Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun TravelingMom.

A giraffe saunters by just a few feet away. A lion rests with his mate on top of a warm rock. The crocodiles are also relaxing in the sun, again just feet from where you are riding by on your tour of Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom’s Africa.

You’re plenty safe…this is just a ride at an amusement park, after all, but this safari ride definitely gets you a close up view of the animals around you.

The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail also offers unique views of nature’s creatures, including birds swirling overhead busily making nests and playing tag amongst each other. You’ll get to watch gorillas nurse their young and learn about what’s being done to help protect all the animals from extinction.


There are thatched huts sprinkled throughout the Africa portion of Epcot in what’s called the Harambe village. Harambe is Swahili for ‘come together’. You’ll find live entertainment and invites to dance, eat, and enjoy the marketplace. The villagers here (aka cast members) wear colorful African costumes to complete the trip into this land.

I like to think of this as the perfect country for a pitstop—a place where you can sit for a bit and let the entertainment come to you, from the ride through the Safari to the top-notch Lion King performance.

Children and adults will enjoy the Safari trip, though odds are you’ll spot more animals if you go in the morning or late afternoon—or just after a rain. There are far fewer out and about in the heat of the day.

Another thrill in this portion of Animal Kingdom is the phenomenal Festival of the Lion King, one of the most popular theater shows at Walt Disney World.  It’s 30 minutes of non-stop, eye-popping performances.

You can find everything from fresh fruits to baked goods to cool cocktails in Africa.

This land truly offers something for everyone and every age.

Find out more in this video featuring some of the spots we mentioned above.