Animal_Kingdom_1It’s been too long since the last time I visited Disney World in Florida. So long that I wasn’t aware they had built, by far, one of the best animal parks and safaris. Hello Animal Kingdom!

Here are some reasons why you must visit Animal Kingdom in Florida:

Kilimanjaro Safari – My family and I have been to many safaris, I dare to say that we have visited more than ten. But this one was by far the most amazing one.

As you go for a ride in their vehicles, along the roadways, you truly feel like you are in Africa.


During the tour animals will be extremely close, almost close enough for you to touch them. The habitats are perfectly built for exotic and endangered animals like cheetahs and white rhinos.

There are lions and other animals that you wouldn’t normally see in a safari with a lower budget. However every other safari seemed to be low budget compared to Disney.

Mount Everest Rollercoaster – This is a rollercoaster where you will find snow and you can even see a Yeti on it! This is a DO.NOT.MISS. attraction.

Animal_Kingdom_2Lion King Show – They offer a variety of amazing shows during the day. But the best one had to be the Lion King Show. In it you will see characters from the movie with great songs that will get you and your family dancing.

Tree of Life – I don’t think you can enter it, but just seeing this exhibit as you walk through the park is great. It has such a fine design and characters sketched on its trunk.

Africa – This side of the park there is a street party that they put on where you can dance like the Africans. It involves drummers playing tribal beats that will show you a great time Africa style!

Asia – Trying to mimic all of the different cultures and diversity of Asia is almost impossible. But somehow people at animal kingdom managed to give a great representation of it. Definitely check it out!

Animals – The animals are kept in large spaces, with trails for visitors, that they call cages. It is very similar to a Safari experience. I loved that their trails are stroller and handicap friendly.

Animal_Kingdom_3Character friends – I don’t think it would have been a true Disney day out without hanging out with Disney Characters!

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