Teens and tweens can be a tough crowd. If your kids need lots of choice when you travel, try taking them to Disney World’s Epcot. Between the rides, attractions, food, fireworks shopping and dining, chances are you will keep the kids from complaining they’re bored.

Entertaining Tweens and Teens at Epcot

'epcot  during flower festival'

As a huge Disney fan, I was always worried about what would happen when my children grew into the difficult teen/tween years. Would they still love going to Walt Disney World? If so, which part of Disney would be the best fit for them? Would they still want to go to Magic Kingdom? What about Hollywood Studios? Would they enjoy Epcot?

The time has arrived. My children are 11 and 15, and I am happy to say we are still Disney enthusiasts. Going to Walt Disney World is still my children’s favorite vacation choice.

The first place they ask to go is Epcot. Here are our top seven reasons to visit Epcot with your Teen/Tween.


1. The Rides

No matter how old your children are, Disney is always about the rides. Epcot has some amazing rides including my children’s favorites, Soarin’, Test Track, Living with the Land and Mission Space. My tween son loves Test Track.  If we would allow him to spend the entire day there, he would. The hands-on experience of  designing the concept vehicle is fun and has become a family challenge as to who can design the fastest, most powerful car in the family. The ride is even more fun than the design aspect. When you get off the ride, there is a 15 second commercial for your car that you  can help design, with amazing photos and a background of your choice. There are also hands on exhibits as well as games.

My teen daughter’s favorite ride was Living with the Land.  A nine pound lemon, Mickey-shaped pumpkins and other unusual items had her talking about the experience all day.

2. The International Pavilion

For a family that loves to travel, the International Pavilion is a lot of fun. When else could you get to visit Morocco, The United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, France, Italy, Norway and the United States in the same day? Not to mention getting to taste the foods from the different countries and shop in some of the most amazing stores. During our stay, the Flower and Garden Festival was taking place. Captain Hook, Daisy and Goofy were just a few of the amazing flower sculptures that were featured.

'the flower festival'

3. Club Cool/Food

Club Cool is an attraction located in Future World at Epcot. This is a great place to cool off while also enjoying free samples of Coca-Cola soft drinks from around the world. Some of the sodas we tasted included the Beverly from Italy, a very bitter tasting drink (my family didn’t like it), Guarana Kuat, a berry flavored drink, and Peru Inca Kola, which was sweet and fruity flavored, tasting a bit like bubblegum. Others we tried included raspberry cream soda called Sparletta from Zimbabwe, the VegitaBeta from Japan, a non-carbonated apricot and passion fruit flavored drink, the South African Bibo, which tasted like kiwi mango, and the Greek Fanta Pineapple. We found most of the drinks to have a fruity taste with the exception of the bitter Beverly.

4. Henna Tattoo

A tattoo that is temporary, yet lasts up to two weeks, is something just about any parent can deal with. While we purchased the Henna Tattoo kit for my daughter, you can get your tattoos at the Morocco Pavillion.

5. Shopping

My teenage daughter loves heading to Epcot to shop. With 12 different pavilions where you can immerse yourself in the architecture, food and cultures of various countries, shopping for souvenirs is a must-do. We spend hours browsing the stores in each section of the International Pavilion and picturing what it would be like to actually visit the country.

epcot fireworks'6. Fireworks

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, a night time fireworks show is performed at Epcot. The show uses fireworks, pyrotechnics, laser lights, fountains, and fire to create a visual production on the park’s World Showcase Lagoon. Before the show begins, a 30-minute music loop is played around the lagoon. The centerpiece of the show is the Earth Globe, a 28-foot (8.5 m) diameter globe housed on a 350 ton barge. During the first two minutes of the show, the Earth globe’s LED screens are off. The Earth Globe’s LED screens later turns on showing imagery of the natural world and iconic man-made structures.

7. The Dining

While the International Pavilion has booths with foods from the various countries, we have experienced three different dining experiences at Epcot and loved every single one of them. On our most recent visit, we went to the Morocco Pavilion where we ate at Marrakesh. We ate Moroccan delicacies such as roast lamb, shish kebab, couscous and brochette of chicken and was delicious. The stained-glass chandeliers complete with intricate tile mosaics made us feel as though we were in Morocco. The belly dancer provided some fun entertainment.

What do you think about Epcot for your teens/tweens? Do they have a favorite part of Epcot they love to see?