Making Hollywood’s top actresses look gorgeous is all in a day’s work for professional makeup artist Cheryl Calo.  In the business for 19 years, she has worked with Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz,  among others, and is much in demand for advertising, catalogue and editorial work. 

“The great thing about makeup is that it’s not permanent, so do try and experiment”

While Cheryl’s job takes her to many exotic locations, her greatest job is that of single mom to her son, Peter. Cheryl’s strong support network makes staying connected to her son when she is away on location much easier. Her mother and sister live with her and take care of her son when she is away. Also, Cheryl doesn’t go away for longer than a week without her son. 

Cheryl had a special family travel trick for staying close to Peter when he was a toddler – “Because I’m a makeup artist, I used to take nail polish and I would paint his big toe. I’d say ‘whenever you miss mommy, pull your sock off and you look at that, and that’s mommy giving you a kiss.’ Of course I’d call him everyday, but this worked before he went to bed.” 


One of the perks of her job is insight into the newest beauty products . “I do get a lot of makeup to try, and there are definitely products out there that are not that expensive but still work as well. I have a lot of stuff in my kit , but I’m not married to one brand either,” she says. 

Cheryl has made some of her techniques available in three minute makeup quick tips on YouTube (these are great for travel!).  Her own makeup line, Bomb, will be available soon. 

‘Makeup is really a matter of blending and having good color sense,” Calo says. “The great thing about makeup is that it’s not permanent, so do try and experiment. It’s an incredible tool – and you just wash your face and try it again.” 

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