Photo credit:  Julie Cohn / Good Living TravelingMom

Photo credit: Julie Cohn / Good Living TravelingMom

It’s the last day of winter vacation, and I can’t help but daydream about our summer family travel plans.

My son is a sophomore, so our summer adventures are governed by the beginning and end of the high school calendar.  Eight weeks of summer vacation go too quickly, so we try to make the most of our summer family travel; ever cognizant of the fact that our time together is diminishing before he goes off to college.

Photo courtesy of Julie Cohn

Photo credit: Julie Cohn / Good Living TravelingMom


Our family has had many great vacations in the past, usually involving one or two (or six) of his other teenage friends, like our trip to Disneyland last summer, and our road trip to Santa Barbara and San Francisco.  His friends, almost like family to us, make traveling, especially road trips, even more fun.  I plan to make more trips with his gang this year, but I also want to carve out quality family time, and make sure our time together is better than ever, but how does one plan quality family time with a teenager?  By including him in the planning process, of course!

On my son’s summer travel wish list:

  • A stay at Disney’s Aulani, on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • The Pyramids of Tulum
  • The Vatican and ancient churches of Rome
  • A trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England
  • A teen group trip to Disneyland
  • A teen group trip to the beach
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Photo credit: Julie Cohn / Good Living TravelingMom

 I’m not sure where we will go this summer, but I do know the time to start planning our summer travel is now.   The better prepared we are, the more money we will save, and the more things we can do!  Thank goodness I have my fellow Traveling Moms to help with plans, as well as our upcoming Twitter party, so I can get some great ideas from our Twitter friends.

What is on your family summer travel wish list, and have you started your plans yet?