Many moms look at a getaway without the family as a luxury, when we really should be thinking of it as a necessity. Whether it’s a staycation in a bnb in your own city or an overseas jaunt, here are seven reasons for moms to make an annual getaway.


Image credit: Pixabay

As moms who travel, we tend to convince ourselves that vacations with the family are vacations for us, but let’s face it – packing bags, planning itineraries and keeping everyone safe and entertained 24/7 is almost more work than staying at home. That’s why I am a firm believer that every mom deserves one trip a year (at minimum) without the family. This is the kind of trip where you leave the SO and the kids behind, and reconnect with the person you were before you a became a mother or a partner.It doesn’t have to be somewhere far or exotic; it may even be a weekend away at a nearby town. It’s a reason it’s called a “getaway” and it’s critical for a mom’s overall well-being.

Here are 7 reasons why:

  • Ditching the routine: In our daily grind of school-work-meals-homework-parents-friends and so on, we find ourselves constantly overscheduled and feel like we are always running behind. Our bodies need some time to escape the constant drills and our minds, a chance to regenerate without a clock. A getaway is a chance for moms to turn off alarms, and sleep in, or have dinner at midnight, or not at all.
  • Getting some privacy: When my kids were toddlers, I joked with my husband that I was going to Vegas on a bachelorette just so I could go to the bathroom alone. We moms know this is no laughing matter. Moms need a quiet moment or two, to read, to soak in the tub, to hike, to shop, to eat, and if we have to leave the country to get it, so be it.
  • Being a little irresponsible: Speaking of Vegas and bachelorettes, every mom needs to let her hair down once in a while. Even if you weren’t a party animal before you had kids, chances are the whiff of freedom will entice you to indulge a little. Want to have that extra cocktail? Do it. Want to eat cold pizza for breakfast? Now’s your chance. Moms are constantly under pressure to be prefect role models for their kids and once in a while being a little decadent feels great. Post a pic or two to your Instagram to make your mommy friends super jealous!
  • Shunning the “Mommyform” : You know what I mean – clothes that can be stained, shoes you can run around in, materials that don’t need to be ironed. Our daily lives are packed with pragmatism, especially in our wardrobes. Our clothes need to be effort-free, tear-proof and completely stain-resistant. But every once in a while, you deserve to wear white silk that won’t be pawed, a pair of 4 inch stilettos that you can scarcely balance in, and dangling earrings that are not at risk of being yanked off with your ears.
  • Downtime: Down what? Exactly. A chance to sit, and think, and do nothing. I know I haven’t done it in 7 years since my first child was born and I use my getaways as an opportunity to stop, for a second, without having to get up and do something for someone. Sometimes it’s just knowing that you can that’s peaceful, if you’re the type that can’t really take a load off. But it’s so critical for your mind and body to take a rest and take stock, and as moms we never really get the chance in our daily lives.
  • Pampering Yourself: As an entrepreneur and a mom, I get massages out of sheer necessity to combat the accumulation of stress and tension in my shoulders. Use your getaway to indulge in a bit of pampering for yourself: whether it’s a day at the spa, or shopping, or a decadent lunch, or a 4 hours nap. It’s a chance for you to be unabashedly, unflinchingly focused on you.
  • Enhancing the family dynamic: Taking mom out of the equation does really interesting things for the family dynamic: it may put dad front and center, helping him appreciate all that you or do, or giving him the confidence that he can manage on his own; it may give your kids the opportunity to step up and take care of themselves, and each other; and it will give you the assurance that you can step away every once in a while to take care of yourself, and the walls won’t come crumbling down.

There you have it. Put it in your goals, on your calendar, or tattoo it to your right leg. As a mom, it’s your duty to look after yourself just as much as you do your family. And a getaway is the perfect way to do it!