Summer road tripsNothing screams “summer” quite as loudly as summer road trips, that American family rite of passage. Send up a chorus of “Are we there yet?”, sprinkle in a few rounds of “If you don’t stop hitting your brother, I’m turning this car around” and you have the makings of the sound track of the average American family summer vacation.

I love a good infographic and this one, commissioned by Bridgestone Tires (hence, all of the references to car maintenance and flat tire cures), presents the results of a survey conducted in early May.

Summer Road Trips

We’re willing to drive a long way to be sure we get away from it all–500 miles.

Half of us will be heading off to visit family and friends.


We like lakes, amusement parks, and the beach for summer family vacation destinations.

In addition to the ever-present “Are we there yet?” we expect to hear our kids say “I have to go to the bathroom” and I’m hungry.”

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