photo credit: istockphoto/Kamryn Adams

photo credit: istockphoto/Kamryn Adams, Life Coach TMOM

So you are really excited about your upcoming girls getaway and then you realize that one of your girlfriends is bringing “her.” You know who “she” is. She’s the woman who never seems to get with the travel program. She has too many checked bags and her carry-on is too big to actually carry on. She has a 6 ounce bottle of perfume and lotion in her purse and two large gallon bags of liquid in her carry-on. The airplane is boarding and you are still stuck at TSA checkpoint. On top of all of that she’s a chronic complainer. You haven’t even gotten on the airplane for your girlfriends’ getaway and the drama has begun.

As a frequent traveling mom, I’ve been there. When planning a girls’ getaway, choosing whom to travel with is as important as which fabulous bathing suit or snowsuit to bring. Travel delays and disruptions have enough stress of their own. Try to travel with other women who are similar to you in travel style so that you can have a wonderful time from departure lift off to return landing. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your travel companions for a girls’ getaway.

Frequent travelers and inexperienced travelers should stay in their separate packs. 

As a frequent traveler I know that I can cause stress to my less experienced traveler friends. I know just how to time my arrival and, because I have TSA pre-check, it tends to be right at the wire. This causes my travel companions to be a little nervous come boarding time. Like the scenario above, less experienced travelers take more time and are often overwhelmed by all the “new” travel requirements and procedures. So, to alleviate pre-trip drama, stay in travel packs based on experience. Let those who need to arrive early do so together and the TSA-cleared folks arrive at their leisure. Not to mention, having Global Entry on the way back may cause some hard feelings for some infrequent travelers who face long lines at US immigration.


Let planners plan and others pleasure. 

Some of the biggest drama during a girls’ getaway is the daily itinerary. While some women like to plan every element of the vacation, others like to play it by ear. Make sure you understand who is who before departure. For those who like to plan, let them decide what they will do. At the same time, be sure they don’t include those ladies who plan to sit by the pool and drink rum punch until sundown. Know if you are traveling with “tour people” or adventurous explorers who want to go it alone.

Let night owls room together

If you are selecting roommates, make sure you keep in mind the bedtime habits of the group.  Some women like to cozy in with a book by 9:00 p.m. At the same time, others are getting dressed to hit the dance floor, casino, or midnight pool party. For some, a girls’ getaway screams “Party!” while for others it whispers “relaxation.” These two groups can certainly travel together, but you need to give consideration to the rooming list.

I hope these few considerations will help you have a happy and fun girls getaway. Happy, Healthy, Drama-Free Traveling!