When heading out for a long road trip, it’s essential to have a plan for spending a lot of time together. Maybe you’re heading out to visit the relatives or driving to a wonderful vacation destination. If you’re traveling with kids, it’s important to have some movies on hand to get you through the ride. Here are some awesome kids movies to take on a road trip. We guarantee the time will fly by!

If you're taking a long trip, you want to keep everyone entertained. We love these kids movies to take on a road trip to make the time fly by!

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15 Awesome Kids Movies to Take on a Road Trip

We have spent hours on the road, driving from Chicago to New York and back again, and Chicago to Texas, and back. The hours can be long, but with the right movies on hand, kids can behave surprisingly well. Either download movies to your device or buy them in advance, but having these movies on hand will keep kids from asking “Are we there yet?” and might even have them asking, “Can we keep driving”?

1. Big Hero 6

BIG HERO 6 is a lovable, action packed adventure that introduces Baymax, a personal companion robot, who forms a special bond with a robotics prodigy named Hiro. When a tragic turn of events throws them into the midst of a dangerous plot, Hiro turns to Baymax and his unique group of friends, and they become an unlikely group of heroes. Kids of all ages will enjoy this movie!

2. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

The second Madagascar movies takes the animals on a road trip through Africa as they try to make their way off the island. Instead, they end up crash landing in the brush where Alex was born. Typical antics ensue, with the penguins providing a lot of humorous hijinks. Choose any of the Madagascar films, they will all entertain the kids.

3. Frozen

I know most parents won’t want to watch this, just because they don’t want to sing the songs the rest of the road trip, but this is a movie that really appeals to kids. In case you missed it, Frozen features Princesses Anna and Elsa, two sisters who are the best of friends. One day, Elsa discovers she can no longer control her power to create ice and snow. Worried for the safety of her family, Elsa desperately tries to control her powers by isolating herself. Things eventually go horribly wrong. Elsa runs away, and the rest, you probably know. Again, a great film, but you will probably want to build a snowman after watching it.

4. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Based on the classic novel by C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe tells the story of the Pevensie children and their adventures in the mystical world of Narnia. Sent to the British countryside during World War II, they discover an entryway into a mystical world through an old wardrobe. Narnia is inhabited by mythical creatures suffering under the rule of the White Witch, but the arrival of the children gives them hope for liberation. A beautiful adaptation of the book.

If you're taking a long trip, you want to keep everyone entertained. We love these kids movies to take on a road trip to make the time fly by!

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5. Lego Movie

Even if your kid is not a Lego fan, she will love this movie. Emmett is an ordinary LEGO mini-figure, mistakenly thought to be an extraordinary MasterBuilder. He is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together and all sorts of hijinks ensue.

6. Minions

Who doesn’t love these little yellow guys? Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world. Prepare to laugh along with the kids throughout the movie.

7. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Based on the books by Rick Riordan, this movie captures what happens when modern and mythical worlds collide. Percy Jackson is no ordinary teenager. He’s the son of Poseidon, accused of stealing Zeus’ ­lightning bolt! With storm clouds brewing, Percy embarks on an incredible cross-country journey to prove his innocence, recover the bolt and prevent a war amongst the gods that could destroy our world! Probably better for kids ages 8 and up, but quite a lesson in Greek mythology!

If you're taking a long trip, you want to keep everyone entertained. We love these kids movies to take on a road trip to make the time fly by!

This is your best friend on a long road trip!
Photo: Kirsten Maxwell – Teaching Traveling Mom

8. Secret Life of Pets

This is one of our favorite new movies. What do your pets do when you’re not at home? When owners leave for the day, the pets throughout the building get into all sorts of trouble. But when C.K. get a new “roommate” from the pound, things really get out of hand. The pets end up on a wild journey through the “jungle” of New York City, and they must put aside their differences to make it home.

9. The Princess Bride

The story opens with a grandfather telling his grandson an irresistible story called The Princess Bride. It is the story of a stable boy who pledges his love to the beautiful Buttercup, only to be abducted and reportedly killed by pirates while she is betrothed to the evil Prince Humperdinck. In the meantime, Buttercup is abducted by various characters while a mysterious masked pirate follows in pursuit. A funny script will have kids and adults laughing throughout the tale.

10. Cars

What kind of road trip would it be if you didn’t watch a movie about cars? Rookie race car Lightning McQueen is living life in the fast lane until he hits a detour on his way to the most important race of his life. Stranded in Radiator Springs, a forgotten town on the old Route 66, he meets a variety of quirky characters who help him discover there’s more to life than trophies and fame. Even older kids will enjoy this one.

If you're taking a long trip, you want to keep everyone entertained. We love these kids movies to take on a road trip to make the time fly by!

Images by Amazon, used with permission

11. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Kids will love this unforgettable, uniquely magical journey through the wonderful world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. When eccentric candy man Willy Wonka promises a lifetime supply of sweets and a tour of his chocolate factory to five lucky kids, penniless Charlie Bucket seeks the golden ticket that will make him a winner. Thanks to his Grandpa Joe, Charlie gets the prize of his dreams! But a far more wonderful surprise than Charlie ever imagined awaits him. In a land of chocolate waterfalls, giant lollipops, edible flowers and, of course, Oompa Loompas, it’s nonstop, mouth-watering fun.

12. Monsters, Inc.

Lovable Sulley and his wisecracking sidekick Mike are the top scare team at Monsters, Inc., the scream-processing factory in Monstropolis. When a little girl named Boo wanders into their world, it’s the monsters who are scared silly, and it’s up to Sulley and Mike to keep her out of sight and get her back home. Everyone will be laughing through this fun movie.

13. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

When Flint Lockwood’s latest contraption accidentally destroys the town square, he thinks his career as an inventor is over. Then something amazing happens. Delicious cheeseburgers start raining from the sky! This is proof his machine actually works! However, people start to get greedy and ask for more food and things start to get crazy. Now Flint has to shut down the machine before the world is covered in giant meatballs!

14. Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Based on the children’s book, Jim Carrey stars as Tom Popper, a successful businessman who’s clueless when it comes to the really important things in life…until he inherits six “adorable” penguins, each with its own unique personality. Soon Tom’s rambunctious roommates turn his swank New York apartment into a snowy winter wonderland and the rest of his world upside-down.

15. The Parent Trap

My kids watch this movie every time it is on TV. A remake of the classic Disney film, this one features Lindsay Lohan as identical twins who switch places so they can get to know the parent they don’t live with and hopefully reunite their parents.

If you're taking a long trip, you want to keep everyone entertained. We love these kids movies to take on a road trip to make the time fly by!

What are your favorite kids movies to take on a road trip?

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