Panasonic Home Monitoring SystemWhen I received the Panasonic Home Monitoring System to test out, I faced a dilemma – who should I spy on?

This was not a moral dilemma – I have no problem with spying on my kids – but I thought the Home Monitoring system was ideal for checking up on my mother and her husband. They live a few states away- in Florida and although they are mostly healthy, with this easy to install system, I could check up on them more easily.

In the end, I realized that I can personally spy on my teens so I chose to send the Panasonic Home Monitoring System to my mom.  That way she can use it to share her latest recipes and home decorating tips with me and I can peek in now and then for my own peace of mind.

The monitoring system is great for checking up your home while you are away on vacation, or for sandwich generation parents who want to keep an eye on an elderly relative who lives alone.


Maybe I will make it a house warming gift for my son who is getting an apartment with 3 friends.


Watch this video by @DianaRowe to see how to set it up.  EZ PZ.



The Panasonic Home Monitoring System was provided by Panasonic. The opinion and my problem with spying are my own.