Ask moms what they want for Mother’s Day and the gift ideas range from some creative concepts that require little or no cash to mega-gifts that are most often bought on the installment plan. Here is an eclectic collection of gift ideas from the TravelingMom Blogger NetworkTM and their pals.

I ask for the same thing every year: a day all alone in my own house. As the TravelingMomWithTeens, I live in a family of two kids, two dogs, one cat, one husband and a varied and growing group of teenagers who see my house as the fave place to hang. In short, I don’t spend a lot of time alone and in peace. There’s always someone in need of a ride, a meal, help with their homework or something else. All of which adds up to my annual request for one real day off. If it’s a nice day weather-wise, I spend it on the back porch with a book and a glass of wine. If it’s not a good weather day (you never know in Chicago–early May could be 80 or it could be 40), I spend it on the couch, cuddled under a blanket with a favorite movie and a glass of wine. The hubby, kids and dogs spend the day elsewhere.

The same desire for a day of peace permeates many of the creative gift ideas offered by TMOM bloggers and their pals:

“My husband isn’t big on compliments, so my favorite Mother’s Day gifts are cards where he writes things he would never say out loud,” says Jamie Bartosch, TravelingJugglingMom. “Things like, ‘I love seeing how the kids’ faces light up when you walk in the door,’ or ‘You’re an amazing mom.’ It’s like hearing ‘good job,’ ‘I appreciate you,’ and ‘I love you’ all at once.


My pal, Ami Kulik, a middle school English teacher with now-grown children, covets the “gift of time.” That means one-on-one time with each kid. And, of course, a full day off during which someone else cooks, does the dishes and takes out the trash. If they would end the day by grading papers for her, it would be even better, she says.

TMOM blogger and resident sanity expert Anne Witkavitch, TravelingWithSanityMom, says she treasures spending the day with her family, “whether we go out for brunch or a hike in the woods. Since it was difficult for me to conceive, I celebrate the privilege of being a mom every year,” she says.

Gifts that cost a little
Kid-made gifts always are a great mom present — provided she doesn’t have to supervise the purchase of the supplies or the creation of the project.

Melanie Nelson, TravelingDisneyMom, says her favorite gift of all time was a bracelet. She had asked for one with the children’s names on it, so her husband took the kids, then ages 4 and 2, to a bead store where they could make the bracelets for her. “The kids chose their favorite beads and letters to spell their names and put them together to make two bracelets. They didn’t have an ‘A’ for Ryan’s name or an ‘L’ for Emily’s name so they used a ‘6’ (which looked like an A) and a ‘7’ (which looked like an L). I love them more than anything they could have found in a jewelry shop and they are one-of-a-kind. I still get compliments on them seven years later.”

Others suggested treating mom to a day of her favorite things. If she loves a museum, plan to take her there. If she loves gardening, take her to a flower show or the garden shop. Let her pick the plants and then sit her in a chair so she can supervise the planting once you get home (unless, of course, she likes the digging in the dirt part and wants to help).

The key to success here is that she gets to sit back and enjoy–no planning, no cooking, no involvement beyond showering and getting in the car.

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