blisteredtoesComfortable walking shoes are always suggested for travel that involves a lot of time on your feet, but rarely is the sock considered. I know people who spend tons of money on well constructed shoes, going to places like Jack Rabbit that analyze your stride, but then they wear cheap thin socks.

Yes, I am talking about my daughters.

My youngest daughter, in fact, wore Flip flops yesterday when she went shopping with a friend; I had recommended she wear a more supportive shoe and when I met her later, she uttered those words so dear to a mother’s ear, “mom, you were right. I should have worn better shoes.” It so happened that a friend was standing next to me at the store and overhead this, so I have proof.


And even had she worn the right shoes, would she have worn the fight shoes? The friends I walk in the park with, women I meet on vacation: have feet are encased in Band-aids and blister pads, all of which could have been prevented had they worn socks.

I have been wearing cushion-y socks by Kushyfoot, low cut scoks with a colored tab so the socks don’t slip under my sneaker and give me blisters. There is some sort of reflexology sole, which makes me feel as if I am walking on air (the inflated head from being ‘right’ yesterday doesn’t hurt, either).

These socks would be great on vacation, for walking around exploring a new city or just prowling a mall.

Shopping for uncomfortable shoes, of course.