android_alarmTo paraphrase Aretha: I have never loved a phone the way I, I love my Android. I like having an alarm better than setting up an appointment (“wake up”) on my calendar.  More reassuring.  Can’t trust the hotel wake up call 100%, am I right?  In the Android Market, I like twofree alarm apps.  I’ll tell you which one I like best:

Alarm Clock Xtreme!  Because all alarm clocks should be extreme, right?  Anyway, the reason I like it is because I can choose songs from my playlists on my phone to wake me up.  OR, I could (and I tested this), record my voice saying “Wake up Elizabeth!”  Not that I want to wake up that way, but knowing I could wake up to just about anything makes me feel very powerful.

I also like AlarmDroid, which has some snazzy features whereby you shake the phone to go to snooze.  It has a power nap mode so that you can set the alarm to go off in 1 hour and 12 minutes and 5 seconds — if you can’t deal with figuring out the time, I guess.  It also let’s you record your voice and stuff like that.  Why is this one number 2 in my book?  Honestly, who can remember?  As I write and play with this version, I’m liking it more than Xtreme.  

It’s FREE!  Get both.


There are paid versions of these apps as well, but you really have to geek out to care.  I just want it to work.  And they do.