rainforestI love traveling, especially to exotic places. These days, the only places we travel are kid friendly and within driving distance. My dreams of seeing the beauty and abundance of the Amazon Rainforest were only a dream until last week.


Last Tuesday, I attended a press event hosted by Ruckus Media at the Rainforest Alliance offices in Manhattan. A group of bloggers were invited to try out the Rainforest Survival Challenge. This was of interest to me, not just because it was an app that could keep my kids busy, but an app that would teach them about the Rainforest. When I tried out the app on an iPad (oh how I want one of my very own) it was an engaging experience. This app makes you think about the Rainforest and the inhabitants that populate it. For example, I had to identify what animal would win in a fight against another animal. The truth is, I had no idea what type of animal I was looking at and I was about to ‘guesstimate’. When this app was designed, they had people like me in in mind. There is a button to click on that provides information about what the animal in question. These facts were helpful and educational. I learned something new and I had fun during the process. The images on the screen were beautiful and the sounds of the rainforest on the iPad were so real I had to pinch myself. This appl is available for download on iTunes.